What clan is McKECHNIE?

The surname of McKECHNIE is MacEacharna in Scottish Gaelic, and they are a branch of the Scottish clan MacDonald. The McDonalds of Clanranald take their name from Ranald, younger son of John, 1st Lord of the Isle.

Where does the surname McKECHNIE originate from?

MacKechnie and McKechnie are Irish/Scottish surnames. They are Anglicised forms of the Irish/Scottish Gaelic MacEacharna, meaning “son of Eacharn”. The Irish/Scottish Gaelic personal name Eacharn is composed of two elements. The first element, each, means “horse”; the second element, tighearna, means “lord”.

Who can wear a family tartan?

Anyone can wear almost any tartan, generally there are no restrictions on wearing tartan although some patterns are known as ‘restricted’ meaning they are reserved for some chiefs or the Royal Family.

What tartan Can I wear surname?

A – Traditionally people wear the tartan (if any) which relates to their surname. If there is no appropriate name tartan, look for a district tartan connected to the area where your ancestors lived.

Who is the current chief of Clan MacDonald?

Godfrey James MacDonald of MacDonald
The current Clan Chief is Godfrey James MacDonald of MacDonald, 8th Lord MacDonald. He became high chief of Clan Donald in 1970 and sits on the Board of Trustees of the Clan Donald Lands Trust.

Is it OK to wear a kilt if you’re not Scottish?

Today most Scottish people regard kilts as formal dress or national dress. Although there are still a few people who wear a kilt daily, it is generally owned or hired to be worn at weddings or other formal occasions and may be worn by anyone regardless of nationality or descent.

Who was the creator of the Mackenzie tartan?

The Tartan The Mackenzie Tartan is the regimental tartan of the Seaforth Highlanders, which were raised by Mackenzie, Earl of Seaforth in 1778. Wilson’s 1819 pattern book records various widths and weights of cloth suitable for different ranks in the regiment.

Do you have to wear a Clan Mackenzie tartan?

Which Sett? If your name is Mackenzie, one of the Sept names or you are eligible to join the Clan Mackenzie Society then you are entitled to wear the Clan Mackenzie Tartan. See also the Constitution of the Clan Mackenzie Society of Scotland & the UK.

Can a man wear a kilt in his own family tartan?

A. Yes. Tartan is a gift that we have given to the world. The idea that a man can only wear a kilt in his own family tartan or one associated with it has given way to a more broad minded approach and most ladies are quite happy to choose tartan with the colours they like best. My name doesn’t have its own tartan.

What kind of tartan does Kinloch Anderson use?

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