What choke does Browning BPS use?

CHOKE SYSTEMS All current BPS shotguns have barrels that are threaded to accept the Browning Invector-Plus™ interchangeable choke tube system. You may confirm this by glancing on the right side of your barrel where the specifications are inscribed.

What choke tubes does a Browning A5 use?

Standard Invector Choke Tubes 10 gauge, 28 gauge and . 410 bore Browning shotguns always utilize the Standard Invector system. Most 16 gauge shotguns use the Standard Invector system, with the exception of the current A5 Sweet 16 models, which use the Invector-DS system.

Is the Browning BPS a good gun?

Overall, I had a great time with the Browning BPS. It’s an affordable shotgun that is a pleasure to shoot, that is sure to change the way you hunt. The adaptability of BPS is unmatched in its class, so whether you go for the Hunter or the Stalker, you’ll have a reliable and versatile hunting companion by your side.

Is the Browning BPS discontinued?

BPS Pump-Action Shotguns No Longer In Production.

What does Browning BPS stand for?

Browning Pump Shotgun
Called BPS (Browning Pump Shotgun), the new gun is offered in 12-ga. only. There are three versions. The Hunting and Trap models are fitted with a ventilated rib; the Buck Special model, intended for shooting slugs, is fitted with open rifle sights. The BPS is a bottom ejecting gun.

What kind of choke tube does a Browning shotgun use?

Invector-Plus (Invector +) choke tubes fit only Browning shotguns with Invector Plus (+) on the barrel (s) or monobloc. Found on 12 and 20 gauge Browning shotguns, Invector-Plus choke tubes have been a mainstay of Browning performance for over 20 years.

What kind of choke tube does Mossberg use?

Carlson’s Performance Ported Turkey Choke, 12ga. Browning/ Winchester/ Mossberg 500 & 930 Invector . Carlson’s Long Beard XR Ported Choke Tube, 12ga.

Can a Invector plus be interchangeable with a choke tube?

STANDARD INVECTOR, INVECTOR-PLUS AND INVECTOR-DS ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. Make sure you know the system that fits your shotgun before proceeding. For advice on choosing a choke tube appropriate for your shotgun READ MORE HERE.

Which is total barrel dynamics choke tube system?

Select from the choke tube constrictions and designs for your system in your gauge. Total Barrel Dynamics is the combination of Vector Pro forcing cone lengthening, Back-Bored Technology and an Invector interchangeable choke tube system working in unison to improve shot pattern performance.