What choke do you use for steel shot?

Understanding How Chokes React with Steel Shot Avoid using full lead chokes with steel shot because the constriction is too tight. For ducks and geese that are close, improved cylinder or even skeet constriction choke work well. If the birds are farther out, a modified choke tube is better.

What size is a 12 gauge modified choke?

Modified (MOD) – The modified choke is most effective from 20 to 35 yards with lead and with steel shot at 25 to 45 yards. In a 12-gauge, its measurement can be 0.019 in. and 0.020 in.

Can I use a choke with steel shot?

When using steel shot, you should only use stainless steel choke tubes with modified or more open chokes. You should not use steel shot with Extra Full, Full, or Improved Modified Chokes of any kind. If it is a fixed choke barrel, we do not recommend using steel shot, as it may damage your barrel(s).

Can you shoot steel shot through a skeet choke?

In theory, a cyl choke should give you a Skeet pattern with Steel. Shoot a few patterns with your Skeet Chokes, and I`d be willing to bet that you`ll be just fine. I get excellent steel patterns with skeet chokes. I have the Pardner pump with a 28 inch barrel and the choke that came with it.

What does 3 notches on a choke mean?

3 notches = Modified. 4 notches = Improved cylinder.

What choke has one notch?


Choke (American designation) Constriction Identification (notches)
Modified 0.51 mm (0.020 in) III (3 notches)
Improved Modified 0.635 mm (0.025 in) II (2 notches)
Full 0.76 mm (0.030 in) I (1 notch)
Extra Full 1.015 mm (0.040 in) I (1 notch)

Can slugs be fired through a modified choke?

cylinder choke would be your best bet, but slugs will work through a modified choke, it is only a little more constriction, and will cut down your shooting distance a bit.

What does one notch on a choke tube mean?

What do the notches on the choke tubes mean? The notches indicate the choke tube constriction. A lower notch count means more constriction (tighter). A higher notch count means less constriction. 1 notch = Full.

What choke Can I shoot slugs through?

cylinder choke
A cylinder choke is recommended for shooting rifled slugs in a smooth-bore barrel. Sabot slugs should only be shot through our fully-rifled slug barrels.

What is the diameter of a modified choke?

The constriction size of the modified choke is 0.02 inches. This is 0.01 inches more than the improved cylinder choke and 0.02 inches more than the cylinder choke. However, it is 0.01 inches less than the full choke.

What is the diameter of a choke tube?

The major diameter of the choke tube thread is 20 mm (.787 inch). The Optima-Bore/Optima-Choke system is typically used on competition 391 series semi-automatic, 680 series over and under shotguns and UGB25 Trap models.

What is bore choke?

The inside bore constriction at the muzzle end of a shotgun’s barrel is known as the “choke.” When a shotshell is fired, shot travels down the bore, exits the muzzle and begins to “spread out.” Just as a nozzle on the end of a garden hose controls the spray of water, the choke controls the spread of shot, making it narrower or wider.