What can I import from China to Pakistan?

There are many other hot products to import from China.

  • Plastic and plastic products.
  • Bonsai trees.
  • Mobile phone accessories.
  • Electronics.
  • Dyes and chemicals.
  • Textile raw material.
  • Pool Floats.

How can goods move from China to Pakistan?

The country is bordered by China in the far northeast, India to the east, Afghanistan to the west, Iran to the southwest. For this reason, shipments of goods between China and Pakistan can be done by sea, air, rail & road.

What are the major imports of Pakistan from China?

Pakistan imports from China Value Year
Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers $2.34B 2020
Organic chemicals $927.60M 2020
Iron and steel $646.70M 2020
Plastics $420.04M 2020

How do I import goods from China?

Importing from China: A Step by Step Guide

  1. Identify your import rights.
  2. Identify the goods you want to import.
  3. Ensure the goods you wish to import are permitted into your country.
  4. Classify your goods and calculate the landed cost.
  5. Find your supplier in China and place an order.
  6. Arrange your cargo transport.

How is custom duty calculated in Pakistan?

*Additional Sales Tax is not present in the above image, but as per Sales Tax Act of Pakistan, this is 3% for all items. Now let us dive into the calculation of Customs Duty….Step 2: Know your Duty Structure!

Customs Duty 20%
Regulatory Duty 10%
Sales Tax 17%
Additional Sales Tax * 3%
Income Tax 12%

Can I buy from Alibaba in Pakistan?

With the help of Alibaba.com, you can purchase in bulk and sell at retail prices in Pakistan.

What are the custom duty rates in Pakistan?

Step 2: Know your Duty Structure!

Customs Duty 20%
Additional Customs Duty 7%
Regulatory Duty 10%
Sales Tax 17%
Additional Sales Tax * 3%

Who is Pakistan’s largest trading partner?

Pakistan top 5 Export and Import partners

Market Trade (US$ Mil) Partner share(%)
United States 4,030 16.97
China 2,037 8.58
United Kingdom 1,677 7.06
Germany 1,341 5.65

Do you pay import duty on goods China?

20% VAT. Buy goods worth from an online retailer oversea and you need to pay 20% VAT. Customs duty, eg, 10%-12% on bags and shoes. The duty rate depends on the value, what the item is and where it comes from.

What documents do I need to import goods from China?

Documents All Importers Need

  • Bill of lading (can be telex released or the original)
  • Commercial Invoice.
  • Packing List.
  • EORI number.
  • Certificate of Origin/GSP Form A.
  • CE Certificate.
  • Certification for Port Health.
  • Test Certificates.