What BPM is Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm?

Smooth Criminal is asong byAlien Ant Farmwith a tempo of127 BPM.It can also be used half-time at64 BPM or double-time at254 BPM.

Is Alien Ant Farm Smooth Criminal a cover?

Alien Ant Farm version In May 2001, American rock band Alien Ant Farm released a cover version of “Smooth Criminal” as the second single from their second studio album, Anthology (2001). Directed by Marc Klasfeld, the music video references various Jackson music videos, including the “Smooth Criminal” video itself.

What key is smooth criminal in?

C major
Smooth Criminal/Keys

Is Alien Ant Farm still together?

Alien Ant Farm is an American rock band that formed in Riverside, California in 1996. They have released five studio albums and sold over 5 million units worldwide….

Alien Ant Farm
Years active 1996–present
Labels DreamWorks Universal Executive Music Group
Website alienantfarm.com

Who died in Alien Ant Farm?

The 26-year-old bus driver was killed, and David Zajic, the head of the band’s security from the Czech Republic, suffered undisclosed injuries deemed critical by the label spokesperson.

How many versions of Smooth Criminal Alien Ant Farm?

Smooth Criminal Alien Ant Farm Tons of versions of this song in tabs, but only 1 is really right (rest are a bunch of clutter). I don’t think it should discredit a chord version with lyrics and timing.

What is the chorus to Alien Ant Farm’s Smooth Criminal chords?

[Chorus] A5 G5 Annie, are you OK F5 G5 A5 Will you tell us that you’re OK G5 There’s a sign at the window F5 * ( E5 G5) A5 (* or just G5) That he struck you.

Can you play Smooth Criminal on Songsterr plus?

Learn “Smooth Criminal” faster with Songsterr Plus plan! Please, check your network connection and try again.