What are tightly packed cells?

Epithelial tissues are made up of tightly packed cells containing little intercellular material, generally lack blood vessels, and are replaced frequently. They function in protection, secretion, absorption, excretion, and sensory reception.

What are sheets of tightly packed cells that line organs and body cavities?

Epithelial tissues occur in sheets of tightly packed cells that cover the outside of the body and lines organs and cavities inside the body. The main functions of epithelial tissues are protection and transport of materials into and out of cells (in other words, they secrete and absorb materials).

Which of the following is the term for tightly packed sheets of cells that cover organs and outer surfaces?

Epithelial tissue
The correct answer is (a) Epithelial tissue. Epithelial tissue consists of cells that adhere to a membranous layer known as the basement membrane….

Where are the tightly packed layers of cells found in the body?

Even if you think your skin is one smooth surface, it is actually made of millions of epithelial cells that are tightly packed next to each other. That’s not the only place you find these cells. Epithelial cells also line the inside of your throat, intestines, blood vessels, and all your organs.

Why cells are tightly packed?

The cells in epithelial tissue are tightly packed together with very little intercellular matrix. Because the tissues form coverings and linings, the cells have one free surface that is not in contact with other cells.

What are the four basic tissue types?

There are 4 basic types of tissue: connective tissue, epithelial tissue, muscle tissue, and nervous tissue. Connective tissue supports other tissues and binds them together (bone, blood, and lymph tissues). Epithelial tissue provides a covering (skin, the linings of the various passages inside the body).

What are the three main types of body membranes?

There are three types of epithelial membranes: mucous, which contain glands; serous, which secrete fluid; and cutaneous which makes up the skin.

Which of the following is the term for tightly packed sheets of cells?

Epithelial tissue is composed of cells laid together in sheets with the cells tightly connected to one another. Epithelial layers are avascular, but innervated. Epithelial cells have two surfaces that differ in both structure and function.

Which of the following is the term for nervous tissue that is composed mainly of cells?

The nervous system consists of nervous tissue, which is composed of two principal types of cells called neuron and neuroglia.

What is the normal range of epithelial cells?

Epithelial cells naturally slough off from your body. It’s normal to have one to five squamous epithelial cells per high power field (HPF) in your urine. Having a moderate number or many cells may indicate: a yeast or urinary tract infection (UTI)