What are the responsibilities of a confined space attendant?

Attendant duties An attendant is the employee who remains outside the confined space and monitors the entrant, guards the space against unauthorized entry, warns the entrants of any unusual conditions and summons rescue personnel if needed.

Which employee is responsible for monitoring activities inside and outside the confined space?

the attendant
Monitoring activities inside and outside the space to determine whether it is safe for entrants to remain in the Page 4 Confined Space ©HMTRI 2004 Page 10 space is the responsibility of the attendant. The attendant can order entrants to evacuate if any of the following conditions exist or become apparent: 1.

What must be continually monitored during work in a confined space?

There should be warning signs to prevent unauthorized entry to the confined space. Anyone working in a confined space must be constantly alert for any changing conditions within the confined space. Monitors the confined space and surrounding area and is on the look out for dangerous conditions.

What are the responsibilities of an entry supervisor?

“Entry supervisor” means the person (such as the employer, foreman, or crew chief) responsible for determining if acceptable entry conditions are present at a permit space where entry is planned, for authorizing entry and overseeing entry operations, and for terminating entry as required by this section.

What are the three formal methods for entering a confined space?

Procedures for entering confined space

  • Completion of a Risk Assessment.
  • Signage and Barricading.
  • Isolation of Hazards.
  • Cleaning, Purging & Ventilation.
  • Atmosphere Testing & Monitoring.
  • Completion of an Entry Permit.
  • The Role of the Standby Person.
  • Rescue & Emergency Plan.

What is needed before entering a confined space?

Before entering any confined space, a trained and experienced person should identify and evaluate all the potential hazards within the confined space. An important step in determining the hazards in a confined space is air testing.

What are the three members of a confined space entry team?

The entry team is composed of: the entrant(s) – the person or persons who will enter and perform work in the confined space; the attendant – the person who remains at the confined space entry and monitors entrant status; the entry supervisor – responsible for the permit and all confined space activities, and.

What can go wrong in a confined space?

Most common atmospheric hazards can be attributed to oxygen deficiency, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and flammable atmospheres, such as methane or natural gas. A simple blower can do wonders to provide a fresh air supply into the confined space and “turn the air over,” removing or minimizing the hazards.

What are the steps for entering a confined space?

Understand potential entry hazards and be aware of signs and symptoms of exposure, • Wear PPE as specified on the permit or on the confined space hazard assessment, • Maintain communications with attendant, • Evacuate space immediately upon notification by Entry Attendant, • Alert the attendant and exit the space …

What are the responsibilities of a confined space manager?

Obtain information from the host employer and provide information collected to all affected entities on the site – 1926.1203 (h) (2) Coordinate with the entry employer when more than one permit entry occurs at once or other activities occur which could result in a hazard in the space – 1926.1203 (h) (4)

How to be an entrant in a confined space?

Entrant Supervisor Understand the process for testing the Atmosphere in a confined space. How to isolate, ventilate and evaluate the space in preparation for entry. Understand the 3 types of rescue techniques.

What are the duties and responsibilities of permit required confined?

Employer obligations include: (1) To secure permit spaces to prevent unauthorized entry. (2) To evaluate and identify hazards before entry. (3) To implement operation procedures that ensure safe entry. (4) To provide and maintain the necessary equipment. (5) To evaluate PRCS conditions.

Who are the members of the confined space team?

Responsibilities of Confined Space Attendants The second party of the confined space team is the attendant. There must be at least one attendant on each PRCS team. The attendant, arguably has the most amount of responsibility on the confined space team, as they have the highest number of duties required by OSHA.