What are the qualities of a godly mother?

3 Characteristics of a Godly MotherShe was the real deal. What she was in public was what she was at home. If there is any faster way to turn a child off to the things of the Lord it is to live a hypocritical lifestyle. She admitted when she had failed. Every mother fails at motherhood, many times on a daily basis. She prayed – a LOT.

How can I be a super mom?

Well, here are some of the not-so-secret habits of a supermom:Don’t Compromise On Time – Office Time, Quality Time and Personal Time. Capitalize On Your Most Productive Time. Be Approachable To Your Children. Master The Art Of Organizing and Prioritizing. Refrain From Procrastination. Delegate. Learn to Say “No”

Why my mum is a super mom?

“My mom is my ‘Super Mom’ because she taught me the greatest lesson in life, that is, when life seems like it’s not worth living, never give up, no matter how hard or how rough it is, it will always get better.

Why mum is a super mum?

There is this unique feature that comes to play the moment you become a mom— being a superwoman just grows on you! Moms are little superheroes in their homes. They are strong, brave, tactful, understanding, special and outstanding; managing the different problems that emerge from her roles at home and in her career.