What are the bylaws of the Rotary Club?

Bylaws of the Rotary Club of Club bylaws supplement the Standard Rotary Club Constitution with common club practices. The bylaws in this document are recommendations, but once adopted are binding for the members of the club.

What are the bylaws of a business organization?

Bylaws set forth in detail the procedures your group must follow to conduct business in an orderly manner. They provide further definition to the articles of the constitution and can be changed more easily as the needs of the organization change.

Where can I find list of city and town ordinances?

A collection of city and town ordinances or bylaws available online, compiled by the Trial Court Law Libraries. If you don’t see your city or town listed, or you want to be sure that you have the most current information, contact the town or city clerk.

Do you need a majority to pass bylaws?

Bylaws only require a simple majority for passage. Once you have developed the constitution and bylaws, review them often. The needs of your group will change over time and it’s important that the constitution and bylaws are kept up to date to reflect the current state of affairs.

The Standard Rotary Club Constitution. All clubs shall adopt the standard club constitution, including any future amendments to it. 2.030.1. Amendments to the Standard Club Constitution. A club may amend the standard club constitution in the manner prescribed in the constitutional documents. An amendment automatically becomes a part of the

What is the Constitution of the RI Rotary Club?

International Meetings: Includes the RI Convention, Council on Legislation, and International Assembly The Rotary International constitutional documents provide club and districts the foundation for RI’s policies and procedures. All clubs admitted to Rotary membership must adopt this constitution.

Where can I find the Rotary code of policies?

The Rotary Code of Policies compiles all of the organization’s general and permanent policies. The revised version is available after each meeting of the RI Board and the Council on Legislation. A separate document outlines amendments made to the code whenever it is updated.

How often is the Rotary International Manual of Procedure published?

The manual is geared to Rotary club and district leaders and features information that’s most relevant to their roles. It is published every three years to reflect adopted legislation and decisions of the RI conventions, the Council on Legislation, the Rotary International Board of Directors, and the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation.