What are the answers to the test on Korriban in Kotor 2?

Once you land on Korriban, search the area to the right and the left of the Ebon Hawk and Kreia will contact you through the force bond….Return to the training console and enter these answers to pass the test:

  • Freedon Nadde.
  • Gizka.
  • I always lie.
  • Passion, strength, power, victory.

How do you get the star map on Korriban?

Korriban is home to the Sith Academy and in order to find the Star Map you’ll need to pose as a Sith student. Once you exit the port the Port Authority will demand credits as normal. Either persuade him or pay the docking fee to get past. When you enter you’ll see Master Shaardan teasing some prospective students.

How do you kill Uthar and Yuthura?

The correct answer is to kill them both, then leave and let the remains figure it out for themselves. Only for the Dark Side. For the Light Side it’s better to kill Uthar and redeem Yuthura which still leaves the same power vacuum. Canon is probably Yuthura and redeem her to the light.

When can you enter the cave on Korriban?

Valley of Dark Lords If you’re a strongly aligned character you can enter the Shyrack Cave now. If not come back later as you won’t be able to enter the Secret Tomb until your character is ready.

Do you have to join the Sith Academy in Kotor?

You don’t have to, of course, but you should. The Shyrack Caves, where the Sith missing are located, is on the linear pathway to the Valley of the Dark Lords, beyond the Sith Academy. You really can’t miss it, it’ll be on your left if you’re leaving the Sith Academy.

Is dantooine near Tatooine?

[* Dantooine is where Princess Leia says the rebel base is hidden, though it’s really on Yavin IV. Tatooine is Luke’s home planet.

Where is the Sith Academy?

The Sith Academy on Korriban was a facility in use during the Jedi Civil War and later the Cold War, dedicated to training Force-sensitives in the ways of the Sith, and running archaeological projects in the Valley of the Dark Lords.

How do you kill Terentatek?

The easiest/simplest way to kill the Terentatek is to hide behind the rock and shoot and throw grenades at them.

Where is the Jedi master on Korriban?

In her exile, Lonna Vash went to Korriban and took up residence in the halls of the abandoned Sith Academy there.

Where do you find the star map in Korriban?

Korriban is home to the Sith Academy and is the place where you’ll find the last Star Map. You’ll need to find a way to be accepted into the Academy so you can continue the search for the Star Map. Korriban is home to the Sith Academy and in order to find the Star Map you’ll need to pose as a Sith student.

What happens on the Holy planet of Korriban?

Retaking the holy planet of Korriban as a top priority, the Sith re-established the glorious Sith Academy and began training a new generation of Sith to inherit their dark legacy and seize their birthright as the true rulers of the galaxy. For a video of this planet follow this link: https://www.swtor.com/info/holonet/planets/korriban#planetVideo

Where do you find the Sith Code in Korriban?

The Sith Code – Speak with Yuthura about the Sith code and she’ll tell it to you. Go back to Uthar and let him know you’re ready for the test. Here’s the code: Peace is a lie. There is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory my chains are broken.

Where do you find the ancient console in Korriban?

Walk east and then follow the north path around to the east. Use the Ancient Console to open the door and go through. Your part will be knocked unconscious with a nerve toxin and once you wake up Jorak Uln, the previous master of the Academy, will be questioning you.