What are the 5 types of command in a drill?

Individual Drill – Commands

  • Individual Drill.
  • Marching Basics.
  • Rest Positions.
  • Parade Rest.
  • At Ease.
  • Rest.
  • Fall Out.
  • Resuming Attention from Rests.

What is the command given during a formation to execute a salute?

Present, arms. What is the command given during a formations to execute a salute? To indicate respect for those in positions of authority.

Which formation is used for inspection?

a. The platoon has one prescribed formation for inspecting personnel and equipment in ranks-the line formation. When inspecting crew-served weapons and vehicles, the personnel are normally positioned to the rear of the formation with the operator (gunner) standing by his vehicle (weapon).

What is the first command in preparing for the platoon for inspection?

a. With the company in line formation, the first sergeant directs PREPARE FOR INSPECTION. On that directive, the platoon sergeants face about, open ranks, and align the company as in paragraphs 8-5 and 8-6. When all platoon sergeants are facing the front, the first sergeant commands AT EASE.

How many commands are given during the entire parade?

Thirty-six commands
– Tell us something about that parade. – In a parade, four platoons march behind the leader. Thirty-six commands have to be given during the entire parade. These must be given in a very loud voice so that it is heard till the rear.

Where does the 1sg stand in formation?

First Sergeant. When the company is in a line formation, the first sergeant’s post is three steps to the rear of the last rank and centered on the company; in a column or a mass formation, he is three steps to the rear of the last rank and off center (one 15-inch step to the left) of the company (Figure 7-2).

What command is given after dress right dress?

Dress Right, DRESS and Ready, FRONT are two-part commands, Dress Right, and Ready are the preparatory commands and DRESS and FRONT are the commands of execution. 5. When given, these commands are as follows: Dress Right, DRESS. Ready, FRONT.

How many steps does the first rank take when the command open ranks is given?

The first rank takes two steps forward, the second rank takes one step forward, the third rank will stand fast, and the fourth rank takes atwo steps backward. If additional ranks are present, the fifthe rank will take four steps backward, and the sixth rank takes six steps backward. 10.

When does a company commander prepare for inspection?

a. When ready to inspect, the company commander commands “PREPARE FOR INSPECTION.” At this command, the platoon commanders open ranks by platoons. The right platoon executes the initial movement. The second platoon, as described in paragraph 9016, opens ranks when the front rank of the first platoon has been aligned.

Where does the inspection take place in the Marine Corps?

The inspection is made from right to left in the front and from left to right in the rear of each rank. After inspecting the platoon commander, the company commander moves around the platoon commander’s left to a position in front of the right flank Marine in the first rank.

Where do noncommissioned officers go during an inspection?

During the inspection, officers, staff noncommissioned officers, and guidon bearers, not in ranks, come to attention at order arms as the company commander approaches. After being inspected, they resume at ease.

What are the requirements for uniform seabag inspection?

Only those items listed in Tables 3-1-1 and 3-1-2, may be required for Uniform Seabag inspection. Prior to transfer to another Ship or Station the Seabag of all E1/E2/E3 Personnel will be inspected and the individual will be required to have at least the items and quantities indicated in Tables 3-1-1 and 3-1-2.