What are the 20 element and their symbol?

First 20 Elements

Atomic Number Element Symbol
17 Chlorine Cl
18 Argon Ar
19 Potassium K
20 Calcium Ca

What are the first 20 elements names and symbols?

These are the first 20 elements, listed in order:

  • H – Hydrogen.
  • He – Helium.
  • Li – Lithium.
  • Be – Beryllium.
  • B – Boron.
  • C – Carbon.
  • N – Nitrogen.
  • O – Oxygen.

What is the 20 element on the periodic table?

The Elements, sorted by Atomic Number

Atomic Number Symbol Name
17 Cl Chlorine
18 Ar Argon
19 K Potassium
20 Ca Calcium

What are the 10 elements and their uses?

7) Copper A metal used for electric wires, pots, pans, & pennies
8) Gold A metal used for jewelry & precious decorative pieces
9) Helium A gas much lighter than air used in blimps & balloons
10) Hydrogen A flammable & explosive gas

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Are there different hallmarks for different precious metals?

For example, in the United Kingdom, the Diamond Jubilee symbol was included among silver hallmarks in 2012. There are some variations in the appearance, presentation, and regulation of hallmarks according to metal type. To review, it is important to remember the following key differences across the precious metals hallmarks.

Where can I find a list of metals?

Metals find use in every aspect of life. Here is a list of some of their uses: Cox P. A. (1997). The Elements: Their Origin, Abundance and Distribution. Oxford University Press: Oxford.