What are some Greek surnames?

Read on to find a compilation of 100 Greek last names or surnames:

  • Adamos. The name means “Son of Adam”.
  • Aetos. The surname means “eagle” in Greek.
  • Agathangelou.
  • Andino.
  • Ariti.
  • Argyros.
  • Bakirtzis.
  • Baros.

What are good Greek last names?

55+ Greek Last Names To Fill You With The Strength Of The Gods

  • Drakos. Greek spelling: Δράκων
  • Servopoulos. Greek spelling: Σερβόπουλος
  • Papadopoulos. Greek spelling: Παπαδόπουλος
  • Galanis. Greek spelling: Γαλανής
  • Lykaios. Greek spelling: Λιάκαιος
  • Danielopoulos. Greek spelling: Δανιτόπουλος
  • Christodoulopoulos.
  • Aetos.

What is the most common surname in Greece?

In Greece, the most common family name is Papadopoulos, followed by Pappas, Karagiannis, and Vlachos. In Cyprus, Georgiou is the most common surname, with Charalambous, Ioannou, and Constantinou ranking next on the list of common last names.

What is a common Greek surname?

Top 20 Common Greek Last Names And these are the top 20, with Papadopoulos, of course, taking pride of place at Number 1. # 1: PAPADOPOULOS (Literally means the son of the priest) # 2: PAPPAS (Priest) # 3: KARAGIANNIS (Black-haired Giannis, ‘Kara’ in Turkish means black)

What do Greek last names end with?

Here are common place-based suffixes:

  • akis: Crete and the Aegean Islands.
  • akos: Laconia.
  • as: Macedonia and the Epirus.
  • atos or –etos: Ionian islands.
  • eas: Messenian part of the Mani peninsula.
  • allis or –ellis: Dodecanese islands, mainly Rhodes.
  • iadia or –iades: Asia Minor.
  • idis or –ides: Asia Minor.

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