What are some good excuses?

THE GOOD AND COMMON EXCUSES FOR MISSING WORKSickness/doctor’s appointment. Just tell your boss you’re sick. House emergency. A broken boiler or a flooded bathroom can also work as an excuse. Family emergency. Delivery of a major purchase.

What are some good excuses to not go somewhere?

20 Excuses to Get Out of Going OutFake an illness. Stress out about how much work you have to do in the next day. Family unexpectedly came in from out of town. Your laundry is not finished. Your car broke down. Your car has a flat tire.You do not have a car, and you do not want anyone going out of their way to give you a ride.

What is a good excuse to leave work?

Here are some appropriate reasons to leave work early: Personal illness or injury. Medical appointment. Family emergency.

What is a good excuse to come into work late?

Best Excuses for Being Late to Work Other excuses that work well include having an appointment, a sick child, a school delay, car trouble, mass transit delays, a family emergency or illness, house problems, or waiting for a service person for repairs.

How do I ask for permission to come late to office?

Hi [Boss’ Name], I’m so sorry, but I’m running [minutes] late this morning because of [reason]. I hope to arrive to the office around [time]. I know we have [meeting] scheduled for [time].

How do you say I will be late to office?

When you know that you will be late, it is polite to tell the person waiting for you that you are going to be late!…5 Useful English Phrases to Say When You are Late“I’m sorry.” “Something has come up.” “I’ll be there in 20 minutes.” “Would it be possible to … ?” “Thank you for waiting.”

How do you tell your boss you’re gonna be late?

Give an accurate ETA. “We’re all late sometimes, but the most important thing is to set an accurate expectation,” says Jan Bednar, CEO of ShipMonk, an inventory management solutions company. “If you call and tell me that you’re running late and you’ll be at the office in 20 minutes, that’s fine.