What are some food preparation terms?

Foods Chapter 12: Food Preparation Terms

clarify to make a liquid clear by removing solid particles
coat to thoroughly cover a food with a liquid or dry mixture
coddle to cook by submerging in simmering liquid
combine to mix or blend two or more ingredients together

What are the basic preparation in cooking?

Before you start preparing food, it’s important worktops, kitchen utensils and chopping boards are clean. If they’ve been touched by raw meat, poultry, eggs or vegetables you’ll need to wash them thoroughly. You should change dish cloths and tea towels regularly to avoid any bacteria growing on the material.

What are 5 cooking terms?

We’re here to put an end to all the confusion and have compiled a comprehensive A-Z of cooking terms to help you out.

  • Al dente. Generally, this cooking term is used when referring to the cooking of pasta and rice, but technically includes vegetables and beans too.
  • Au gratin.
  • Au jus.
  • Au sec.
  • Barding.
  • Baste.
  • Blanch.
  • Broil.

What are 10 cooking terms?

Ocassionally, poaching can refer to cooking fish or other meats in hot broth or sauce, instead of baking or pan frying.

  • Blanch. Unlike poaching, where food is cooked completely in liquid, this food term means to start the cooking in liquid, or to just cook briefly in hot liquid.
  • Fold.
  • Sear.
  • Cream.
  • Dice.
  • Braise.
  • Mince.
  • Simmer.

What are the five delicious types of cuisine?

5 Delicious Types of Cuisine You Should Try

  • Caribbean. Incorporating various traditions blended together over time, Caribbean cuisine is a delightful fusion of other types of food, including African, Creole, and Latin American.
  • Vietnamese.
  • Korean.
  • German.
  • Indian.

What are 6 cooking terms?

Memorize These Common Cooking Terms, Become a Better Cook

  • Slice, Dice, Chop, Mince.
  • A Dash, a Pinch, a Smidgen, and Seasoning to Taste.
  • Roast, Bake, and Broil.
  • Saute, Sear, Brown, Char.
  • Deep Fry and Pan Fry.
  • Braise.
  • Boil, Simmer, Poach, Steam, Blanch (and Something About an Ice Bath?)

What are the 6 cooking terms?

What are 4 moist cooking methods?

About Moist Cooking Methods: Poaching, simmering, steaming, and boiling are all moist cooking methods.

What are the 10 dry cooking techniques?

Common dry-heat cooking methods include: pan frying, searing, roasting, sauteing, sweating, stir-frying, shallow- and deep-frying, grilling, broiling, baking and rotisserie cooking.

What are the 7 types of food?

There are seven main classes of nutrients that the body needs. These are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre and water. It is important that everyone consumes these seven nutrients on a daily basis to help them build their bodies and maintain their health.

What are cooking terms?

Cooking Terms. To cook by dry heat in an oven. When applied to meats and poultry, this cooking method is called roasting. To brush or spoon a glaze, a sauce, or drippings over a food as it cooks, to add flavor and to help keep the surface moist.

What are the different methods of food preparation?

– Baking. Besides breads and desserts, you can bake seafood, poultry, lean meat, vegetables and fruits. – Braising. – Broiling and grilling. – Poaching. – Roasting. – Sauteing. – Searing. – Steaming. – Stir-frying. – New ways to flavor foods.

What are the types of cooking methods?

The three types of cooking methods are dry heat cooking, moist heat cooking, and combination cooking. Each of these methods uses heat to affect foods in a different way.

What are culinary techniques?

Cooking techniques are a set of methods and procedures for preparing, cooking and presenting food. Good techniques also take into account economical use of food and cooking fuel resources, as well as food safety.