What are responsibilities rugrats?

Responsibilities means taking care of yourself.

Does Angelica wear a diaper?

Even though Angelica just turned 4 in this episode, she remains 3, although most of the episodes took place after this one, even after Dil was born and when Kira and Kimi joined the Finsters. This is the only episode in which Angelica is seen wearing a diaper as a three-year-old.

How old is Angelica Pickles now?

‘Rugrats’ Profile: Angelica Pickles

Angelica Charlotte Pickles
Gender Female
Birth Date May 12, 1988 (Rugrats 1991) May 12, 2018 (Rugrats 2021)
Age 3 (Rugrats; both original and revived versions) 4 (Pre-School Daze) 12 (All Grown Up pilot and All Grown Up! before “Lucky 13”) 13 (All Grown Up! after “Lucky 13”)
Race Human

What is wrong with Angelica from Rugrats?

It continues by suggesting that Angelica became addicted to drugs in her teen years, which aggravated her schizophrenia and led her to imagine more details about the babies she made up — which also apparently explains the jump in time from “Rugrats” to “All Grown Up!” She continued to abuse drugs so she could have the …

Are Tommy Pickles premature?

Tommy was probably born premature, as he is seen in an incubator in the episode “Mother’s Day”. Tommy, up until Dil was born, was the smallest and youngest main character of Rugrats at the age of 1, being a couple months younger than Phil and Lil who are also 1.

What is the baby’s name on Rugrats?

Angelica. Angelica Charlotte Pickles (voiced by Cheryl Chase) is the daughter of Drew and Charlotte Pickles, Stu and Didi’s niece, and Tommy’s cousin.

What happens to Angelica Pickles in all grown up?

In All Grown Up!, Angelica has gained maturity in her tastes and interests average for a girl her age, becoming less sadistic and more sarcastic. Angelica is still spoiled by her parents, but to a lesser degree and in an altered fashion from the previous series.

Who is the voice of Angelica Pickles in Rugrats?

While this is so, she acts more as an antihero in the films and often sides with the babies at the end against the films’ respective main villains. She is voiced by Cheryl Chase in both Rugrats (the original and revival) and All Grown Up!, and is among the series’ original characters.

Who is Angelica Pickles in Drew and Dil?

She’s Tommy and Dil’s bossy older cousin (and only female cousin), Drew and Charlotte’s bratty daughter, Lou Pickles’ greedy granddaughter and Stu and Didi’s spoiled niece, and is a recurring bully towards the babies.

How old is Angelica Pickles in the Outsiders?

Angelica Pickles is Tommy’s spoiled, blonde-haired, three-year-old cousin, who frequently bullies or manipulates the babies for her own gain. Angelica has had a rivalry with Susie Carmichael, Tommy’s neighbor, who tries to convince the babies that Angelica is a liar.