What amp did Larry Carlton use?

Brandon Montgomery of Bludotone makes Carlton’s current workhorse amps. Onstage, Carlton uses a Bludo-Drive 100/50 plugged into a 1×12 Bludotone closed-back cab that sports an Electro-Voice EVM12L speaker and has two cylindrical baffles for harmonic tuning. He keeps identical amps in Europe and Japan for touring.

What amp did Larry Carlton use on Kid Charlemagne?

Fender Tweed amp
Carlton is know for cleverly arpeggiated chord voicings in his solos and this one takes the cake. It still blows me away every time. Carlton did this in two takes, in less than two hours, through a simple rig — a Fender Tweed amp and Gibson 335 guitar.

What distortion pedal does Larry Carlton use?

At 21:25 in this interview, Larry Carlton talks about his use of the Zenkudo Overdrive. “… down here we have an overdrive pedal, Zenkudo, that’s a Japanese maker obviously, and been using that for a number years now on my pedalboard when I’m doing backline.

What guitar strings does Larry Carlton use?

What strings do you use? “I use D’Addario 0.010 to 0.052.

What year is Larry Carlton es335?

Throughout it all, the main constant in Carlton’s wide-ranging career has been his beloved 1968 Gibson ES-335, which he still uses today.

What kind of guitar does Lee Ritenour play?

Gibson ES-335
On album covers and in magazines, Ritenour has most often been photographed with his red Gibson ES-335; another favorite guitar is his vintage 1960 Fender Stratocaster. But his new Japanese-made Ibanez is “the main boy now,” as he puts it.

What is a Zendrive?

Inspired by a legendary guitarist, the Zendrive delivers blues, country, jazz and fusion tones associated with some of the finest, most costly amplifiers in the market. Four knobs control the overall volume, gain, tone and voicing of the pedal.

What gauge strings does Pat Metheny use?

Question: What gauge string do you use? Pat’s Answer: starts with an 011- they are d’addario flatwounds.

Who plays a Gibson ES 335?

This 335 family of guitars would find favour with many players through the years, including BB King, Eric Clapton, Grant Green, Jorma Kaukonen, Alvin Lee, Lee Ritenour, Andy Summers, Noel Gallagher and JD Simo.

Is Lee Ritenour married?

Carmen Santos Ritenourm. 1990
Lee Ritenour/Spouse

What happened to Lee Ritenour?

In 2018, Ritenour’s house and studio in Malibu, Calif., burnt down. He and his family were safe, but he lost about 100 guitars, 40 amps and lots of his music in the fire. Then a week later, he underwent surgery to replace an aortic valve.

Is the Zendrive a tube screamer?

If you’re looking for a tube-screamer clone in a fancy box then look elsewhere because the Zendrive carves its own unique overdrive tone unlike anything else! Particularly impressive for lead tones the Zendrive has the remarkable ability to crank up the gain without losing punch or clarity.