Was the AN-94 in bo2?

Overall, the AN-94 is one of the most popular assault rifles in Black Ops II, despite the very late unlock. It’s a very versatile rifle that is very competitive at medium ranges thanks to its rock solid three hit kill range, very clean iron sights, and predictable recoil.

What is max level for AN-94?

The AN-94 is available at Tier 31 of the Season 5 Battle Pass and it has a weapon max level of 68. It has a standard 30 round magazine size and is a fully automatic weapon. It has good damage, and manageable recoil.

Is the ASM10 the AN-94?

ASM10, based on AN94, is a very common weapon in Call of Duty games. It is well known for its high damage and long-range capabilities. It has been the meta in this game for a while and it’s one of the best weapons of the previous few Seasons. However, in Season 1 both its firing range and ammo capacity got nerfed.

Why is the AN-94 mag canted?

The most conspicuous identifying feature of the AN-94 is its magazine which is canted several degrees to the right of center (when viewed from a firing position). This design feature is necessary to accommodate the unique ammunition feed mechanism.

Is the AN-94 good in MW?

The AN-94 is a fast-firing, low damage assault rifle effective at short-to-medium range. Our comparative study for the AN-94 stops here though, as its unique two-round burst – hyperburst –makes it unusual within the incredibly deep assault rifle pool.

Is AN-94 good?

The AN94 is a low-damage assault rifle effective at medium-to-close range, but it has a nifty quirk. The AN94 hasn’t dominated in the meta, but it is a powerful mid-range weapon with a variety of uses. It also hasn’t received a major nerf like the Bruen and Grau despite its effectiveness in certain situations.

Is AN-94 good for warzone?

The best Warzone AN-94 loadout is the meta build for the Call of Duty battle royale with attachments to vastly increase its damage and accuracy over distance, making it perfectly suited for medium-long range engagements.

Is the AN-94 A good gun?

In a game full of good weapons, the AN-94 was also strong but was outshone by ARs like the M8A1. Now, the AN-94 is back in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare, and it’s here to take its rightful spot as one of the best assault rifles in the business.

Is AN-94 good in warzone?

Is the AN-94 reliable?

Shooting the AN-94 on semi-automatic is relatively boring. It’s simply a heavy 5.45x39mm rifle. It doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary. Accuracy is more than acceptable and it ticks along.

Is the AN-94 the best gun in Warzone?

What is the best class for an-94?

The best Warzone AN94 loadout is: Monolithic Suppressor. AN-94 Factory X-438mm. VLK 3.0x Optic. Commando Foregrip.

What happens to a diamond in a Nuclear Blast?

Depending on the distance from the blast. In the immediate blast area about 200 meter radius nothing will survive. The temperature in that area is way higher than the diamond burning point (which is around 2000 degrees Celsius) it will evaporate within a split second.

What makes the AN-94 the best Call of Duty?

The AN-94 is favored by most players due to its controllable fire rate, high accuracy and high power, as well as more ammo capacity and larger magazine. The AN-94 can take down multiple enemies due to its 30-round magazine and high rate of fire.

What kind of ammo does an AN-94 have?

The AN-94 has the assault rifle standard 30 round magazine capacity, and 120 round starting ammo loadout. The AN-94 has the standard assortment of attachments available to it. Reflex Sight and EOTech Sight are both a waste on the AN-94. The AN-94 has no need for an optical sight at all, given how clean the iron sights are.

Is the AN-94 a good weapon for multiplayer?

However, the AN-94 suffers from its obstructive rectangular iron sights. Due to this, most players prefer to hip fire with the weapon while crouching. Overall, the AN-94 is a fairly decent weapon to use in multiplayer for its advantage in power, accuracy, fire rate and ammo capacity.