Is Yellow Jacket phone case legal?

By purchasing a Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Phone Case, the buyer is indicating that they accept sole responsibility for not violating any State, County and Local Municipality laws or statutes regarding the ownership, possession and/or deployment of…and that they are legally eligible to own or possess a defensive …

How many volts is a Yellow Jacket phone case?

The first versions of the Yellow Jacket, built for the iPhone 4 and 4S, were $99. The new version, introduced here at CES 2014, will cost $149 but the company has added on some extra juice. The case now produces 950,000 volts and 1.3 milliamps, up from 650,000 volts and 0.8 milliamps.

What is a taser phone case?

The Stun Gun The Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Phone Case is a contact defensive weapon. This means that the device must come in direct contact with the attacker for it to be effective.

What is stun device iPhone?

About Cell Phone Stun Guns Cell phone stun guns let you take your attacker by surprise. To anyone else, you look like you’re carrying an iPhone, but you’ll have a powerful non-lethal weapon on hand. Carrying a cell phone stun gun means you don’t have to draw attention to yourself to be ready for anything.

Are Gun phone cases illegal?

Edward Burke, now indicted on federal racketeering and bribery charges, introduced an ordinance to ban the phone cases in 2015, and mobile phone cases are among the types of firearms replicas now prohibited.

Is a Taser Phone Case illegal?

Aren’t stun guns illegal? Actually, stun guns, also known as Conducted Energy Devices (CED) or Conducted Energy Weapons (CEW), are legal throughout most of the world. Check your State and Local laws before carrying your Yellow Jacket. Stun guns are legal to own in 48 states by people 18 years of age and older.

Can you turn a phone into a taser?

A company in New Orleans has a new high tech device that turns your cellphone into a stun gun. The Yellow Jacket Case turns your phone into a non-lethal form of self-defense featuring a taser that pops out when you turn it on. Right now the taser can only be used for personal protection at close range.

Can a taser charge a phone?

The backup battery is capable of fully re-charging your phone and retaining enough power to fire your stun gun.

What’s the difference between a stun gun and a Taser?

Is there a difference between a stun gun and a TASER? Yes. Stun guns are close-range devices that require you to be near the person attacking you while using a painful shock to discourage further contact. In contrast, TASERs have a projectile that attaches to targets further away.

What is a lipstick stun gun?

The Stun Master 3 Million Volt Rechargeable Lipstick Stun Gun is designed to be one of the most covert personal protective devices on the market. At only 5 inches long and 1 inch in diameter, it looks just like a tube of designer lipstick and fits easily in a purse, evening clutch, or pocket.

Is there a cell phone case that looks like a gun?

The iPhone stun gun case is the only case on the market that doubles as a personal bodyguard. Apart from protecting your treasured iPhone, the case comes with a built in stun gun capable of delivering up to 7,000,000 volts of knockout power to an assailant.

Who made the gun phone case?

Kirk Jellberg said he was sitting in a restaurant when a small child called him out for having a gun. This is what pushed him to invent the “Ideal Conceal;” a cell phone sized two-shot derringer-style gun. Homeland Security has since contacted Jellberg.