Is Xcaret Open 2021?

Hotel Xcaret Arte opened its doors on July 1, 2021. Its 900 suites pay tribute to great Mexican artists, and its unique concept will transform the hotel industry.

Why is Xcaret park famous?

Xcaret is a water park, theme, amusement, eco-archaeological and more, in one place. Due to its privileged location in the Mayan jungle among underground rivers, cenotes and facing the Caribbean Sea, Xcaret has impressive scenarios where you can do different activities and enjoy them to the fullest.

Where is Xel-Ha in Mexico?

state of Quintana Roo
Xel-Ha Park (Mayan languages: Xel-Ha, Xel-Há in Spanish) is a commercial aquatic theme park and ecotourism development located on the Caribbean coast of the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, in the municipality of Solidaridad.

How much does Xcaret cost?


REGULAR SEASON (All Year except High Season)
Regular Price Our Price
Adults $110.00 $98.99
Kids $55.00 $49.49

Which is better Xcaret or Xplor?

Xcaret is more full family friendly. So if you have a multigenerational family outing, Xcaret park might be best. If you like more adrenaline ad action, Xplor might be best for you. It is all about zip lining, swimming and adventure.

Is Xcaret worth the money?

Some do note Xcaret’s admission fees are expensive but most say it’s worth it, calling out the well-maintained exhibits and beach and the pleasant staff. Past visitors recommended setting aside at least one full day to take advantage of Xcaret’s attractions and experiences.

Are there sharks at Xel-Ha?

Unlike it’s brethren park Xcaret, Xel-Ha is completely natural (don’t worry, an underwater fence keeps sharks and other predators out in the adjacent Caribbean).

Is Xel-Ha Park worth it?

Recent travelers were impressed with Xel-Há, describing it as “amazing” and “beautiful,” and many recommended booking a package deal that allows you to experience both the Mayan ruins in Tulum and the water activities at Xel-Há in one day. Visitors warn that the prices are steep but well worth it.

How deep is the water at Xplor?

A total of 2.4 miles (3.8 km) of zip-lines. The highest zip-line stands at 49 yards (45 m) high. The depth of the water landing is nine yards (8 m) below ground level.

How much does Xplor cost?

How much does it cost? Admission to XPLOR All inclusive costs $ 129.99 USD, but for all purchases made seven days prior to your visit on or you can benefit from a 10% off the regular price and a 15% off purchasing 21 days or more in advance.

How much is the unlimited Xcaret experience?

The Unlimited Xcaret Xperience package costs 59 usd per person per night (3 nights minimum) You are allowed to get the package upon your arrival at the Front Office.

Are there alligators in cenotes?

No they are not. There is one small gator – not crocodile at casa cenote. You can’t say that crocs don’t visit cenotes, it’s only natural.

Is there a water park in Cancun called Xcaret?

Xcaret is the water park in Cancun and Riviera Maya with over 50 natural and cultural attractions where you and your family will get closer to each other by living together experiences close to the heart; and to nature, in Riviera Maya and Cancun activities in a wonderful setting rich in fauna and flora.

When is Xcaret Park open for the day?

You can reserve optional activities in Xcaret at the momento of your online purchase or through our Customer Service. Which are the schedules for Xcaret Park? The schedules for Xcaret Park are from 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM and opens Monday to Sunday, including holidays. How to get to Xcaret?

Do you have to pay to swim at Xcaret?

Activity at an additional cost. It is mandatory to purchase first your park’s admission. Play, swim, and have fun in an interactive activity with dolphins. Experience an exciting dolphin foot push through the water.

Do you need a life jacket for Xcaret Park?

Put on a life jacket and let yourself be carried by fresh crystalline waters, which come from the interior of the earth. Ages: for the whole family. Activity at an additional cost. It is mandatory to purchase first your park’s admission. Currently, this activity will not be operating as part of our sanitation protocols.