Is TransGrid a government?

We have a long history in the energy sector, starting with the establishment of the Electricity Commission of NSW in the 1950s to the inception of TransGrid in 1995. In 2015, TransGrid became a private company when the NSW Government granted NSW Electricity Networks a 99-year lease over the NSW transmission network.

Who owns TransGrid?


Predecessor Electricity Commission of New South Wales
Services Electric power transmission
Owners Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec (25%) Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (20%) OMERS (20%) Utilities Trust of Australia (20%) Spark Infrastructure (15%)

What is TransGrid Australia?

1. TransGrid is the operator and manager of the main high voltage electricity transmission network in NSW, ACT and other areas of the National Electricity Market, connecting generators, distributors and major end users.

Is Ausgrid the same as EnergyAustralia?

On 1 March 2011, TRUenergy acquired the EnergyAustralia retail customer base. These will remain government owned and the electricity network business formerly known as EnergyAustralia has been renamed Ausgrid. Rest assured that, if you are an EnergyAustralia customer, you do not need to do anything.

Is ausgrid a government company?

Ausgrid was wholly owned by the Government of New South Wales from 2011 to 2016. In 2016, the New South Wales Government offered the effective sale of a 50.4% stake in Ausgrid, through a 99-year lease. Initial bidding was won by a consortium of State Grid Corporation of China and Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings.

What is HumeLink?

HumeLink is a new 500kV transmission line which will carry electricity to customers from new generation sources, including the expanded Snowy Hydro scheme. It will connect Wagga Wagga, Bannaby and Maragle.

Is ausgrid a Government company?

Who sold NSW electricity?

Country Energy was formed on 1 July 2001 with the merger of New South Wales rural-based energy retailers, Great Southern Energy, Advance Energy and Northpower. On 14 December 2010 Kristina Keneally Labor government sold the state’s electricity retailing assets for A$5.3 billion.

Is ausgrid private?

Ausgrid is an electricity distribution company which owns, maintains and operates the electrical networks supplying 1.8 million customers in Sydney, the Central Coast and Hunter regions of New South Wales, Australia….Ausgrid.

Type Private

How does ausgrid make money?

Ausgrid is a partnership which derives the majority of its revenue from operating, managing and maintaining its electricity network and distributing electricity, as well as offering energy-related services.

What is VNI West?

The Victoria to NSW Interconnector West (VNI West) involves the development of a new 500-kilovolt high-voltage alternating current (HVAC) interconnector between the Snowy Mountains region and Melbourne to increase transfer capacity between New South Wales and Victoria.

Is Snowy Hydro renewable energy?

Snowy 2.0 is the next chapter in the Snowy Scheme’s history. It is a nation-building renewable energy project that will provide on-demand energy and large-scale storage for many generations to come. It is the largest committed renewable energy project in Australia.

Who is TransGrid and what does it do?

TransGrid is the manager and operator of the high voltage electricity transmission network in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, Australia, and is part of the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Who are the Consortium for TransGrid poles and wires?

TransGrid was the first “poles and wires” business to be put on the market as part of the State Government’s plan to lease power assets to raise money for infrastructure investment. The consortium consists of: ASX-listed energy infrastructure manager Spark Infrastructure (15.01 per cent).

Is the Transgrid a part of the NEM?

TransGrid operates the major high voltage electricity transmission network in NSW and the ACT, and is part of the National Electricity Market (NEM). The network connects generators, distributors and major end users.

Who are the 5 shareholders of TransGrid NSW?

A $2 billion stake in NSW electricity transmission company TransGrid is set to hit the market. Street Talk understands one of TransGrid’s five shareholders has offered its stake to the remaining investors, as part of the pre-emptive right process contained in the TransGrid shareholders agreement.