Is train running between Mysore to Bangalore?

Some of the trains that operate between Mysore and Bangalore include: BAGMATI EXPRESS , JAIPUR EXPRESS. There are 29 weekly trains and 17 daily trains that run from Mysore to Bangalore , covering the shortest distance of about 127 km by BAGMATI EXPRESS(12578).

When Mysore to Bangalore train started?

25 February 1882
Mysore–Bangalore line

Mysuru–Bengaluru line Mysore–Bangalore line
Depot(s) Krishnarajapuram
Rolling stock WDM-2 WDM-3A WDP-4D WDP-4 WDG-3A WDG-4 WDM-3D WAP-7 WAP-4 WAG-7 WAP-1
Opened 25 February 1882

Which trains are running in Mysore?

Mysore Junction Train Station

Train name (no.) passing via Mysore Junction Arrives Departs
Mys Snsi Express (16217) Starts 05:00
Tpty Cmnr Passenger (56214) 10:30 10:55
Kaveri Express (16021) 06:50 Ends
Kaveri Express (16022) Starts 20:30

Is Shatabdi running from Mysore to Bangalore?

The 12008 shatabdi train departs from Mysuru Jn at 02:15 hrs and arrives at Mgr Chennai Ctl at 09:40 hrs. The total running duration of 12008 train is 7hr 25min, stopping at 4 stations during the journey….12008 Schedule & Time Table.

Stn Code SBC
Stn Name Ksr Bengaluru
Departs 16:15
Stop time 5min
Distance 139 km

Are buses running from Mysore to Bangalore?

First bus from Mysore to Bangalore starts at 00:01 and operated by Orange Tours and Travels. Last bus leaves from Mysore at 19:45 hours operated by KERALA-RTC….

Mysore to Bangalore Bus Distance
Total Operators : 12

Is train available for Mysore?

Some of the trains that operate between Bangalore and Mysore include: MYSORE EXPRESS , JP MYSORE EXP. The first train on this route is SNSI MYS EXPRESS and leaves Bangalore at 02:10 am , and the last train from Bangalore to Mysore is MYSORE PASS and leaves Bangalore at 23:55 pm.