Is the slow boat to Luang Prabang worth it?

The slow boat to Luang Prabang was one of our favourite long journeys of our travels. The Mekong River scenery is beautiful and there is a great social vibe along the way – the small elements of hassle were totally worth it for all of this!

How much is the slow boat to Luang Prabang?

Slow Boat To Luang Prabang Price The price is $25.20 / 210000LAK for the 2-day journey to Luang Prabang. You will need to bring your passport and cash along with you when you book it. They will give you a ticket and a seat number in exchange.

Is slow boat to Laos worth it?

I highly recommend taking the slow boat to Luang Prabang from Thailand. It’s a relaxing two days, makes for cheap travel days, and you’ll meet a bunch of people that you’ll see again and again throughout Laos. You can also take the bus or a speedboat but these boats are known to be dangerous and are not recommended.

How do I get from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang?

The cheapest way to get to Luang Prabang from Chiang Mai is by a 20-hour bus ride. Both Naga and The Transport Company drive this route, the former once daily and the latter about four times per week.

Is Laos cheaper than Cambodia?

Laos and Cambodia are similar in price. Both nations, being two of the poorest countries in the world, have lower prices due to overall poor economies, low wages, and low costs of living. They are cheaper in price for generally everything in the tourism industry compared to their Southeast Asian neighbors.

Can you drink alcohol in Laos?

Alcohol is free flowing and you may be encouraged to drink more than you’d like (although it’s also fine to tell your host you’re done drinking). You also might find that illegal drugs, especially marijuana and opium, are prevalent.

Can you sail the Mekong River?

Most Mekong River cruises ply the waters of the Lower Mekong, taking in the cultural delights of Laos, and — notably — Cambodia and Vietnam, where the river serves some of these countries’ most incredible sights and cities, which isn’t surprising given that it has forever been a major trade route.

How do I get from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang?

The fastest way to get from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang is to ferry and Speedboat which takes 8h and costs $46. Is there a direct bus between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Huay Xai and arriving at Luang Prabang Southern Terminal. Services depart once daily, and operate every day.

How far is Chiang Mai from Laos?

How far is it from Chiang Mai to Laos? The distance between Chiang Mai and Laos is 481 km. The road distance is 667.8 km.

How do I get from Laos to Thailand?

A wonderful and affordable way to get from Thailand to Laos is by taking a sleeper train from Bangkok to Vientiane. The express #69 train leaves daily from Bangkok at about 8:30 each night, and it arrives the next morning at the border station of Nong Khai, on the banks of the Mekong River.

Is Laos safer than Cambodia?

Laos was the most bombed country in history, and many of these bombs are yet to found and exploded. This sounds very very dangerous, but it isn’t as bad as it sounds, because the main touristy areas have a much lower risk. We believe Laos is very slightly safer than Cambodia, and thus wins this round.

Is Laos better than Cambodia?

It’s so hard to choose between these two beautiful countries! Cambodia has magnificent temples, beaches and a fascinating and haunting past, whilst Laos offers a glimpse of the Southeast Asia of times gone by, with a wonderful sense of peace and great diversity of people.