Is the IL 2 Good War Thunder?

The IL-2 is an attacker which excels at low altitude.

What is the strongest bomb in war thunder?

FAB-5000 bomb
The Pe-8 can carry the FAB-5000 bomb, the largest bomb in-game, with over 5 tons of TNT equivalent, which proves extremely deadly in ground RB and naval battles.

Why was the PO 2 removed from war thunder?

The Po-2 was used in the Korean War by the North Koreans, where it inflicted considerable damage against airbases. United Nations forces found it incredibly difficult to track and shoot down Po-2s, due to the wood and fabric construction of the plane giving it a very small radar signature.

What planes are going to be added to War Thunder?

War Thunder 2.7 “Red Skies” now live with two new locations, rank VII aircraft, new ground vehicles, ships, and more

  • Rank VII for aviation, with new jets like the MiG-23M, J-7E, and a premium F-5C in the Red Menace camouflage.
  • A new naval shell chase camera and 6 new ships, including the Dante Alighieri and USS Wyoming.

What BR is pe8?

Currently the pe8 sits at 4.3 br in naval arcade which means at that br it’s bomb size is over 10 times bigger than any other plane, and about 5 times bigger than any other bomb in the game.

Did a PO 2 shoot down a jet?

The Po-2 is also the only biplane credited with a documented jet-kill, as one Lockheed F-94 Starfire was lost while slowing down to 161 km/h (100 mph) – below its stall speed – during an intercept in order to engage the low flying Po-2.

How do I get more kills in War Thunder?

In almost all military and combat scenarios, holding the high ground is key. As a general rule of thumb, doing so early on into your War Thunder career will get you killed. Tank turrets can generally raise more than they can lower, and being up high reveals your tank’s most vulnerable areas for all to target.

How do you beat dogfight in War Thunder?

War Thunder beginner’s guide: tips and tricks for air battles

  1. Get acquainted with your plane. Play to your strengths, avoid your weaknesses.
  2. Avoid head-ons.
  3. Fire with extreme prejudice.
  4. Boom and zoom.
  5. Watch your six.
  6. Know your enemy.

What are the tactics of an IL 2?

For tactics, IL-2s are built to be close to the ground. Fly very low for IL-2 pilots in reality were known to skim treetops. Further try to stay out of sight of enemy planes. As tough as you are, you cannot take concentrated fire from enemy fighters, especially heavy fighters.

What was the Battle rating of the Il-2?

The IL-2 (1941) is a rank II Soviet strike aircraft with a battle rating of 2.7 (AB) and 2.3 (RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.47 “Big Guns” . The IL-2 1941 is the first IL-type strike aircraft a pilot will get in the Soviet aircraft tree.

What kind of plane is the Il-2 1941?

The IL-2 1941 is the first IL-type strike aircraft a pilot will get in the Soviet aircraft tree. Players will quickly find out that this plane is very durable, but somewhat slow and unwieldy… although with some skill this plane can surprise attacking enemies.

Why was the IL 2 called The Hunchback?

The famous IL-2 Shturmovik was a Soviet WWII-era attack aircraft created by the Ilyushin Design Bureau and nicknamed Hunchback by Red Army troops due to the distinct fuselage shape.