Is Star Ocean First Departure worth playing?

Star Ocean: First Departure R plays great and mostly looks great, too. Having character portrait options is very good but the actual game still looks basically like the PSP version, albeit at a higher resolution.

What is the max level in Star Ocean First Departure?

In Star Ocean: Anamnesis, a character’s max level is determined by their rarity (level 40 is the maximum capacity at 3★, level 50 at 4★, level 60 at 5★, and level 70 at 6★).

How many Star Ocean games are there?

Of the six games in the series, five have been released outside Japan. Star Ocean: The Second Story was the first game to be published in the USA, by Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Is Star Ocean The Last Hope turn based?

Most Japanese RPGs stick with the tried-and-true turn-based system – or its close relative, the Active Time Battle system, in which each character takes turns waiting for his or her or its meter to fill up between actions. Star Ocean: The Last Hope instead delivers all-out, full-tilt, real-time battles.

How do you level up fast in Star Ocean First Departure?

Star Ocean: First Departure R – Easy and Fast Level Up Guide Buy the Silver Trumpet in Eckdart (costs 300,000 Fol). Buy 20 Feather Pen/Conductor’s Batons (can be also bought in Eckdart). Also buy 20 Magic Canvases if you plan to create experience cards (it’s not required, but gives more exp that way).

How do you make Philosopher’s Stone Star Ocean First Departure?

Get 20 Irons (buy from Item shops). Use your mage (the one for which you raised Alchemy to level 10) and go to Skills -> Item Creation -> Alchemy -> Philosopher’s Stone. Make as much as you can using required item (Playing Orchestra can help if you want to raise your chances of success).

How long is Star Ocean Second Story?


Single-Player Polled Median
Main Story 33 28h 45m
Main + Extras 28 32h
Completionists 2 93h 55m
All PlayStyles 63 30h

Will star ocean 5 come to PC?

Long-awaited JRPG Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness will arrive on PlayStation 4 next week (July 1), but we may see it on PC as well in the future. According to the game’s producer, Shuichi Kobayashi, Square Enix is considering porting it onto home computers.

How many runthroughs in Star Ocean first departure?

I completed Star Ocean: First Departure on about 3-4 runthroughs, so I basically tried my best to do all the character paths I could do using Kouli’s FAQ and the help on the board.

How to recruit ashlay in Star Ocean first departure?

In order to recruit her, you must have either Ashlay or Ioshua or BOTH in your party. After the party reunites and a night of drinking, she will join automatically.

What do optional characters mean in Star Ocean?

Optional characters, are like what the name says,optional. Depending on your choices, they can join, or not join you, and certain characters are locked out after you get certain characters.

How to recruit a character in Star Ocean?

There are three options: 1) Ask him to join you 2) Ask him about the treasure (after which you still have to make a choice) 3) Say good day and good bye to him (he won’t join). And tada, if you choose 1, he joins you. Pretty simple.