Is Spy Optic a good brand?

Spy Optic Glasses is renown for its high-quality sports goggles which accumulate numerous awards over the years. The company offers googles for both skiing and motorsports.

What happened to spy optics?

BOSTON (BRAIN) — Bollé Brands, which Vista Outdoor sold last year, has acquired the Spy Optic brand. Spy Optic, which designs, markets and distributes sunglasses, goggles, helmets and prescription eyewear, joins Serengeti, Cébé and H2Optix within the Bollé Brands portfolio.

Does SPY make prescription glasses?

Prescription and Polarization Spy Optic prescription sunglasses give you an option for vision correction and protection of the best quality.

What are spy happy lenses?

The SPY Happy Lens™ lets in more of the “good” rays (specific long-wave blue light) than any other sunglass lens, while still blocking the “bad” (UV and short-wave blue light). The SPY Happy Lens™ has color and contrast-enhancing lenses that are so clear and crisp you can feel the difference right when you put them on.

What do spy glasses do?

Spy glasses are precisely the device you want. They look harmless, like your regular spectacles, but built into the frames is a video recorder that can capture a significant amount of footage. This capability gives you a reliable recording device under the guise of innocent eyewear.

Do all spy glasses have happy lens?

Actually, there is none! HD+ is just the new name for SPY’s Happy lenses, with all the same great technology. SPY Happy lenses weren’t named that for no reason. They’re the only patented lenses that provide a therapeutic benefit in addition to enhancing color and contrast.

Is spy Optics still in business?

Spy Optic has been acquired by Bollé Brands, which wants to extend its reach in the North American market.

Can you spy on someone?

In a majority of jurisdictions, it is illegal to use a hidden camera to spy on other people. While law-enforcement officers or government agents may have this right, a private citizen is not allowed to record another person’s behavior without their knowledge or consent.

Does Rayban make safety glasses?

Our Ray Ban style safety glasses have a classic design that are light and comfortable. They are made with a scratch resistant hard coating polycarbonate lenses, and a black nylon frame with soft grey temple pads for extreme comfort.

Where are spy glasses made?

Spy sunglasses are made in Italy or the USA.

What material does SPY use for their lenses?

SPY sunglasses are constructed from 8-base polycarbonate ARC lenses, tapered to be optically correct and distortion-free. An ARC lens is spherical and built on a base curve in the X and Y axis. It’s decentered and thicker in the middle to improve your view from all angles.

Are SPY Optics polarized?

Every SPY® polarized sunglass features premium injected Trident™ polarized lenses. Sunlight is one crazy mother-we’ve accepted this, but through Trident™ polarization we filter sunlight’s hyperactive, glared-filled rays into a stream of clean, clear light.

When do we open at Eye Spy optical?

All of our eyewear lines are handmade by independent designers that we know personally. A number of our lines are limited-edition and made-to-order. If you have a special request, please contact us! Due to Covid-19, we are open by *appointment* Tuesday through Saturday, and masks are required.

Where is Eye Spy Optometric in Hayward CA?

EyeSpy Optometric, located in Hayward’s Southland Mall (Fwy 880 at Winton), strives to provide the highest level eye care in a pleasant boutique-like atmosphere. Known in the Bay Area as a destination for unique fashion eyewear, EyeSpy Optometric, founded over 30 years ago, continues to be on the cutting edge of all things optical.

Who are the companies that make eyeglasses frames?

All of our frames are designed by small, independent eyewear companies, most family-owned. The designers have worked in optical shops for years, and know how to create wearable, fabulous eyewear out of beautiful, high-quality materials. As a result, the styles are timeless, different, and unique…as well as durable and comfortable. How nice.

Is there an optometrist that does contact lens fittings?

With evening and weekend hours, EyeSpy’s talented team of Optometrists and Opticians offers convenient scheduling for eye examinations, contact lens fittings, frame selection, and filling of prescriptions. EyeSpy Optometric first hand.