Is specialized and S-works the same?

One of the Specialized road bikes has no difference between the S-Works and Pro aside from the fact that the seatpost and fork are lighter on the S-Works model. Another they have an aluminum BB shell rather then a carbon one. That and some of the S-works come with Ceramic Bearings.

Why is specialized s works so expensive?

Every part of a S-Works bike is delicate and it must be efficiently aligned with the other parts. Its frames, wheels and other parts must be in tune in order for it to be a great bike! That is why it is so expensive; any mistake in servicing it may bring down its value and usefulness.

How can you tell if a specialized frame is real?

Counterfeit frames lack a serial number on the bottom of the frame or have a sequence starting with letters, like “GK.” Many fake Venge or Tarmac frames have the serial number WSBC604292544K.

Is the Tarmac SL7 an Aero Bike?

The two sets were released simultaneously earlier this year and the brand says that’s ‘no coincidence’. With the Roval Rapide CLX wheels, the new Tarmac SL7 rides a lot like an aero bike: sprinting for the brows of short, power climbs, there is no denying that it’s rapid.

What kind of wheels does specialized SL3 use?

Specialized engineers went to great lengths to shave a few more precious grams from the already feathery SL3 by outfitting it with S-Works SL FACT carbon cranks and Zipp 202 tubular wheels. Shame you might have to add some heavy water bottle cages to get it back up to the UCI minimum weight…

How big is the seatpost on a specialized tarmac bike?

In fact the whole bike is a remarkably practical machine, from its solid bars to conventional, adjustable 27.2mm seatpost, which comes in place of a resale-limiting seatmast. It’s something we don’t often find on bikes designed to offend gravity as badly as this one.

Where to test the SL3 tarmac tarmac bike?

We put the SL3 to the test while plummeting down the eight-mile canyon descent from the Snowbird launch venue in Utah and its precision was outstanding. Even riding at more than 50mph through sweeping bends and half-patched frost cracks, we found it stayed remarkably surefooted and pin sharp.

Which is better specialized tarmac or Team Saxo Bank?

However, riding Specialized’s new superlight Tarmac SL3 means you’re carrying nearly 2lb less in climbing weight than Team Saxo Bank can. That alone is impressive, but it’s only part of the story with this new flagship ride.