Is Smokey Bones going out of business?

Darden Restaurants Inc. on Saturday said it was shutting down its struggling Smokey Bones restaurant division by closing 54 units and selling the remaining 73. As a result, we’ve decided to exit the Smokey Bones business and offer it and the related assets for sale.”

How many Smokey Bones locations are there?

Smokey Bones/Number of locations

How much is a full rack of ribs at Smokey Bones?

Smokey Bones Menu Prices

Food Price
Any Two Favorites $16.49
St. Louis Ribs $16.99
St. Louis Ribs $22.99
St. Louis Ribs $25.99

Does Smokey Bones have WIFI?

Fire-crafted entrées headline the experience at Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill. Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill also offers free Wi-Fi for guests and a tasty list of dessert to round off its meals, including hot donuts and berries and cream.

Are Smokey Bones ribs beef or pork?

over a year ago. Unfortunately no! They have pork ribs only.

What company owns Smokey Bones?

Barbeque Integrated Inc.
Smokey Bones/Parent organizations

Barbeque Integrated Inc. (or simply Smokey Bones and doing business as Smokey Bones Bar and Fire Grill) is an American casual dining restaurant chain. Owned by Barbeque Integrated Inc. and under the umbrella of Sun Capital Partners, Smokey Bones is headquartered in Aventura, Florida.

Who is the CEO of Smokey Bones?

James O’Reilly
On August 4, 2015, Ryan Esko was named CEO of Smokey Bones. Esko was replaced by James O’Reilly in 2019.

Does Smokey Bones smoke their meat?

Smokey Bones apparently smoke their meats on-site with 18″ hickory logs. I created my own combo. I ordered Texas-style beef brisket, baby back ribs, slow-smoked spiced sausage, and hand-pulled pork. The brisket is only available after 4 PM and is smoked for 14+ hours.

What is the difference between Baby Back ribs and St Louis ribs?

St. Louis-style spare ribs are the meatier ribs cut from the belly of thehog after the belly is removed. Louis-style ribs are flatter than baby back ribs, which makes them easier to brown. There is a lot of bone but also a higher amount of fat, making them very flavorful.

What is Dragon sauce at Smokey Bones?

Dragon Wings are made with agave syrup, honey hot wing sauce, sweet ‘n’ sour sauce, cinnamon, cayenne and of course, Fireball Whisky. The release said these wings taste like a shot of Fireball, wrapped up in spicy wings.

What kind of wings does Smokey Bones have?

8 Mix & Match Wings Choose between: Smoked, Traditional, Whole Wings and Boneless!

Are Smokey Bones ribs good?

However, SMOKEY BONES recently changed their recipe and the BABY BACK RIBS are now the BEST EVER. Tender, meaty, and great tasting. This ribs now leave Flannigan’s Ribs standing in the dust. The sides, cole slaw, fire roasted corn, and baked beans are really good as well.