Is Razzak Khan alive?

Deceased (1951–2016)
Razak Khan/Living or Deceased

What is the age of Razak Khan?

65 years (1951–2016)
Razak Khan/Age at death

How old is Sharat Saxena?

71 years (August 17, 1950)
Sharat Saxena/Age

Where was Kader Khan born?

Kabul, Afghanistan
Kader Khan/Place of birth

Khan was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, on 22 October 1937. His father was Abdul Rahman Khan from Kandahar, Afghanistan while his mother was Iqbal Begum from Pishin, British India (now in Balochistan, Pakistan).

What is the age of Dinesh Hingoo?

81 years (April 13, 1940)
Dinesh Hingoo/Age

Is Gul Saxena married?

He is married to Shobha Saxena. He did his schooling from St.

How tall is Sharat Saxena?

5′ 10″
Sharat Saxena/Height

Is Kader Khan Hafiz Quran?

Kader Khan is Hafiz Quran. Kader Khan is an Indian film actor, comedian, script and dialogue writer, as well as director. He has appeared in over 300 films after his debut in the 1973 film Daag in which he acted as a prosecuting attorney. Khan graduated from Ismail Yusuf College affiliated to Bombay University.

Is Kader Khan died?

Deceased (1937–2018)
Kader Khan/Living or Deceased

Is Dinesh Hingoo Parsi?

Dinesh Hingoo (born 13 April 1940) is an Indian actor who plays comic & supporting roles in Bollywood films. He had appeared in over 300 films, from Taqdeer (1967) to Be Careful (2011), and is known for his laughter and impersonations including that of a Parsi businessman.

How did Takkar become the leader of his tribe?

Takkar was the last surviving member of his hunting group, and was forced to survive in Oros. He then used his newfound abilities of the Beast Master to defeat his enemies and rose to become the leader of his tribe. Takkar was a member of a Wenja hunting group from outside Oros.

Where did Takkar come from in Far Cry?

Takkar was a member of a Wenja hunting group from outside Oros. He (presumably) migrated from the coastal region with his tribe as a whole before part of the tribe set off for Oros. He spent some time hunting through the supposedly scarce wastelands of Central Europe before traveling to Oros to join the rest of his tribe there.

Where does the story of Takkar take place?

Takkar then lives in peace with his tribe. The story begins in a cave, where Tensay tells the player of the Wenja and how they found Oros. He then stated that rival tribes arrived as well and brought darkness to the Wenja; the Udam, eaters of flesh, and the Izila, masters of fire.

Where does the name pehlwani come from in wrestling?

Pehlwani, also known as kushti, is a form of wrestling contested in the Indian subcontinent. It was developed from native Indian malla-yuddha. The words pehlwani and kushti derive from the Persian terms pahlavani (heroic) and koshti (wrestling, lit. killing) respectively, meaning Heroic wrestling.