Is mx4 good thermal paste?

The Arctic Cooling MX-4 was one of the best thermal pastes I have used in a long time. It wasn’t as thick as other thermal pastes but it gets the job just as well if not better. In the temperature tests I ran, I only saw a 3-6c difference in the pastes, which is not a lot but better than the competition.

Is mx4 better than AS5?

MX-2 and MX-4 are made by the same ppl, but because MX-4 doesn’t dry out, and it’s slightly better than AS5, it’s recommended for gpu applications, since gpus are subject to fan vibrations that cpus aren’t so much.

What is the difference between mx2 and mx4 thermal paste?

Arctic MX-2 feels quite stiff as well. MX-4 is more liquid and better to spread around. Both MX-2 and MX-4 are metal-free and non-electrical conductive which eliminates risks of causing short circuit if some of the paste spills over.

Is Arctic Silver 5 the best?

The Arctic Silver 5 AS5 is a good choice for people who are looking to apply paste to multiple CPUs. It’s designed to last 8 years, which means your CPU will probably be outdated before your paste needs to be changed.

Which is better MX-2 or MX 4?

MX-2 claims 5.6W/mK, while MX-4 claims 8.5W/mK. CoolLab Liquid Ultra claims 38W/mK, and while it obviously outperforms any standard paste, there’s a huge difference between the degree of improvement and the roughly 4.4x difference between MX-4’s thermal conductivity and that of liquid metals.

How long does it take for Arctic Silver 5 to cure?

In other words, the Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste only requires 8 hours to cure. The drop in CPU temperature was pretty good at 3-4 °C relative to the initial temperature, depending on the stress method used.

Is MX-2 a good thermal paste?

Excellent Thermal Conductivity This creates a surface conducive to extremely high thermal conductivity, guaranteeing fast and efficient heat transfer from the CPU or GPU to the cooler. With its outstanding performance, MX-2 is one of the top thermal pastes on the market.

How many grams of thermal paste do you need?

Distinguished. Thermal grease is ONLY meant to fill the tiny scratches in the surfaces of the heatsink and CPU heat spreader. As noted a pea size or smaller drop is plenty of TIM. A 3.5g tube would be enough for at least (20) CPUs…

Is Arctic Silver still the best?

Is the Arctic MX-2 GOOD?

Arctic MX-2 It is still a good entry-level choice, too. Inexpensive and easy to use, its thermal performance is in the upper mid-range. And for what you pay, MX-2 seems like it’s meant to keep competitors out of the lucrative thermal paste market.

Which is the best thermal paste for Arctic MX-4?

The Thermalright Chill Factor II also shows similar properties. over the 2 days period, the ARCTIC Silver 5 yielded lower temperatures but not enough to warrant consideration. The Coollaboratory Liquid Pro is still the best solution but for risk free application, Thermalright’s answer comes out as the winner.

Which is better Arctic Silver 5 or Thermalright chill factor II?

The Thermalright Chill Factor II mirrors the 0.25C difference and thus retains its 1C lead. The ARCTIC Silver 5 fails to match up to the other thermal pastes, concluding that it’s no longer the choice for enthusiasts.

Which is better Arctic MX-4 or liquid pro?

The Coollaboratory Liquid Pro only extends its lead at the overclocked speeds. Even after 48 hours, there’s very little change that can give the ARCTIC MX-4 the advantage.

Is the Arctic Silver 5 a good thermal paste?

The ARCTIC Silver 5 fails to match up to the other thermal pastes, concluding that it’s no longer the choice for enthusiasts. After 48 hours, there was very little change in performance, suggesting that the ARCTIC MX-3 and MX-4 lived up to their non-curing reputation.