Is Mike Portnoy still sober?

With Portnoy sober for over 17 years, he’s lived long past the doctors’ 40-year mark, having just celebrated his 50th birthday. β€œThe first thing that comes to mind is thank God I was able to turn my life around and be here for my kids and family, as well as my friends and fans,” Portnoy says.

What happened to Mike Portnoy?

He is currently the drummer in Sons of Apollo, The Winery Dogs, Transatlantic, Flying Colors, The Neal Morse Band, Metal Allegiance & Liquid Tension Experiment.

When did Mike Portnoy stop drinking?

April 20, 2000
Portnoy consumed his final alcoholic drink on April 20, 2000 (his thirty-third birthday) after the final show on Dream Theater’s Scenes from a Memory tour.

What does octavarium meaning?

Also the name of the section is a reference to the Iron Maiden song “The Evil That Men Do”. Another way in which this part ties into the cyclical nature of the album is that it is part five of Octavarium. Octavarium – “A Perfect Sphere, colliding with our fate…”

Is Gary Portnoy related to Mike Portnoy?

Mike Portnoy ? on Twitter: “β€œ@abrothers27: @MikePortnoy Are you related to Gary Portnoy, the guy who did the theme to Cheers?” YEP, I AM HIS AUNT!

Why was Portnoy fired?

He did not want to end his career as a drummer in Dream Theater alone because he knew he had much more to offer. However, it would seem that he was not interested in quitting the band. According to Music Radar, after an endless cycle of writing, recording, and touring for two decades, Portnoy wanted a five-year break.

What is the longest Dream Theater song?

Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
The sixth song, “Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence”, which makes up the entire second CD (albeit split into eight separate tracks), is the longest song Dream Theater have recorded to date. While recording, they wanted to keep the song at 20 minutes, but more and more ideas came which resulted in the length doubling.