Is Csts-09 still valid?

No, there is no expiry on CSTS-09. Do I need to complete CSTS 2020 if I have already completed CSTS-09? We do not have a requirement for workers/students to complete CSTS 2020.

What is a Csts ticket?

CSTS-09 is a general safety awareness program for workers in the construction industry. The self-paced, computer-based course consists of 15 modules covering 82 topics presented in a user-friendly format in all CLAC offices. CSTS-09 includes a generic WHMIS worker training module.

How much is Csts?

We will communicate with you once we determine the price. When the free offering purchase is over, we anticipate CSTS 2020 will be sold for $49 per user including all Add-on Modules.

Does Csts 2020 include Whmis?

Construction Safety Training System (CSTS-2020 with WHMIS 2015) The Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) course is comprised of 9 modules designed for the individual worker and is offered only through eLearning.

Does Csts 2020 replace Csts 09?

CSTS 2020 is the upgraded version of CSTS-09. CSTS 2020 consists of CSTS 2020 Fundamentals and optional Add-on Modules. The job-specific Add-on Modules allow employers to customize the CSTS training to fit their specific site requirements. The modules range between 5 to 15 minutes each and can be taken separately.

Is Csts and CSO the same?

They may have also been asked to complete a combination of site-specific orientations, Electronic General Safety Orientation (eGSO), Petroleum Safety Training (PST), and Construction Safety Training System (CSTS). And now, in 2019, Energy Safety Canada has launched the new Common Safety Orientation (CSO).

Is Csts mandatory in BC?

Since it was first offered online in 2010, almost 75,000 BC construction workers have completed the course. For many BC employers, presentation of a CSTS certificate has become mandatory for all new employees upon first entering a construction site.

How do I get CSO certified?


  1. The participant must have a minimum of 3 years field experience in the construction industry to receive certification as an NCSO.
  2. To obtain NCSO status, you must successfully complete certification in 13 of the courses listed in the NCSO information package.

What is the difference between Csts 09 and CSTS 2020?

CSTS 2020 is the upgraded version of CSTS-09. CSTS 2020 consists of CSTS 2020 Fundamentals and optional Add-on Modules. On its own, CSTS 2020 Fundamentals is an interactive nine-module online course that serves as a general construction site orientation for workers new to the construction industry.

Can you do CSO Online?

There are two ways to take the CSO: online and in a classroom. Upon successful completion workers receive a certificate that does not expire.

How long is CSO training?

To begin flying operationally, you will need to complete your training as a CSO, which can take anywhere from one to two and a half years.

What is a CSO certificate?

What is the Common Safety Orientation (CSO)? It is an online course that introduces workers from all sectors of the oil and gas industry to safe work practices and incorporates Energy Safety Canada’s 10 Life Saving Rules, which are based on addressing the most at-risk behaviors.

Is there a safety training centre in red deer?

Wheels On Safety Training Centre provides high quality, convenient and comprehensive safety and driver training in Red Deer at competitive rates Today Wheels On Safety Training Centre offers over 20 in-classroom courses, and over 120 courses online.

How to appeal a traffic ticket in red deer?

*Please note: City Hall is currently closed. Residents are encouraged to use an alternate method, as listed above, to submit their appeal statement. If you submit your appeal statement within 10 calendar days from the date of the offence, your ticket will be held at the reduced rate while it is being reviewed.

Are there any first aid courses for Red Deer?

At Safety Now in Red Deer, we offer all levels of First Aid and CPR. The two most popular are Standard First Aid/CPR and Emergency First Aid/CPR. Please visit the following Red Cross links for more detailed descriptions of first aid training available:

Are there any Canadian Red Cross first aid courses?

Canadian Red Cross core First Aid & CPR courses offer lifesaving first aid skills. All courses cover cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for adults, children, and babies (according to the level of CPR included).