Is COMSATS Lahore a government university?

Is COMSATS a public or private sector university? COMSATS University Islamabad is a public sector university which was awarded the status of a degree awarding institute (DAI) by the federal government of Pakistan in August 2000. CUI was granted the status of a university in 2018.

What is the fees of COMSATS?

Fee Structure

Fee Head BS (BSCS, BSBA, BSSE, BBS ) MS (MS(PM )MS B & F, MBA 1.5 )
Tuition Fee Per Credit hours 500 2000
Min Credit hours 12 6
Total (with minimum registered credit hours @ BS=Rs. 500 x 12, Master= Rs. 650 x 12 MS= Rs. 2000 x 6) 24,500 30,500
Total (with maximum registered credit hours) 29,500 42,500

How can I get admission in Comsat?

Admission and Eligibility

  1. Session: The program is offered in Fall (September) and Spring (February) Session.
  2. Qualification: Intermediate or equivalent (‘A’ Level) with minimum 50% marks from accredited institution is required for admission in BS(AF) program.
  3. Test and Score: NTS-NAT test score with minimum 50% marks.

Is Comsat Lahore a good university?

Ranked among 801-1000 world best universities as per QS World Universities Rankings 2020. Besides, it was ranked 151th in QS Asian Universities Rankings 2020. CUI was also ranked among 751-800 in the world best universities as per QS World Universities Rankings 2019 and 135th in QS Asian Universities Rankings 2019.

Is admission open in comsats Lahore 2021?

Admissions are open twice a year for Fall and Spring semesters….Admission Schedule.

Description Schedule
Entry Test Undergraduate, Graduate July 31, 2021 and August 08, 2021

What does Comsat stand for?

The Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) is an international organization.

How many marks are required in NTS for fast?

Minimum 75 marks are required in NTS, but if you appear in FAST entry test, and score an aggregate of more than 60, then your chances will be good.

Is comsats better than fast?

Chances of passing out / graduation rates are higher than FAST. COMSATS is investing heavily in different areas and is progressing at a greater rate. COMSATS may be regarded as a Large Scale University, where you can find variety of students and teachers that will help you broaden your exposure to the real world.

Is Fast better or comsats?

Is fast good university?

FAST might be the oldest computer sciences university in Pakistan – it might also have one of the best faculty and programs in Pakistan, but students studying in FAST know that this university causes the most tasking time of your life.

Is NTS necessary for comsats 2021?

NTS NAT Test is required for admission in undergraduate programs, NAT GAT (General) Test is required for admission in MS programs and NTS GAT (Subject) Test is required for admission in PhD programs. Candidates can register for the NTS Test directly via NTS website.

In which universities admissions are open in Lahore 2021?

Admissions in Lahore

Title Date
Gc University Lahore Admissions September 25,2021
Virtual University Of Pakistan Lahore Admissions September 24,2021
Divisional Public School & Intermediate College Lahore Admissions September 24,2021
Government College Of Technology Lahore Admissions September 24,2021

Which is the best fee structure for COMSATS Lahore?

COMSATS Lahore Fee structure of 2021 is very flexible. The CIIT Lahore fee structure 2021 for BS, Master, MS, Mphil and Ph.D. degree programs are below for the first semester. Degree program offered 1st semester Fee is BS Fee Structure is Rs. 100,500/-

What is the fee structure of Comsat University?

In this article we will discuss the details about COMSAT’S University Fee structure 2021. Firstly, let’s talk about the introduction of this famously known establishment for good education providing. Even if the world stands on one end and Pakistani talented Students on the other, the Pakistani side will still compete well.

Which is the fee structure for CIIT Lahore?

The CIIT Lahore fee structure 2021 for BS, Master, MS, Mphil and Ph.D. degree programs are below for the first semester. Please follow the link for the complete COMSATS fee structure 2021 for offered programs. Can be download by clicking Here.

Which is the last date to apply for COMSATS admission?

The university has published its advertisement for spring admissions in 2021. Last date and the eligibility criteria in mind, the applicants must submit required documents before the closing date. COMSATS is offering BS, BS (CS), MCS, MIT, BBA, MA, MBA, MS, MSCS, MS IT, and Ph.D.