Is Bunz still a thing?

Today, Bunz is a trusted bartering community where hundreds of thousands of people meet every day to trade the items they no longer need for the ones they do. From food items and clothing, to taxidermy and even teeth!

What happened to Bunz trading zone?

Along with staff layoffs, iconic trading platform with over 66,500 members Bunz Trading Zone has been re-named PALZ Trading Zone. Many BUNZ spin-off groups, including the Petz Zone with 15,770 members, the Clothing Zone with 4,968 members, and the Hair Zone with 8,313, have all been given the PALZ title, too.

What is Bunz BTZ worth?

As a newbie to the Bunz and BTZ world, it wasn’t easy to figure out how to “price” my trades or how to barter with BTZ. After scouring listings (and, ok, asking a friend who works for Bunz), it was determined that the approximate conversion is $1 CAD for every 100 BTZ.

Is Bunz in Australia?

Founded in 2016, ironically as a secret Facebook community, the Bunz app has now completed over one million trades and can be found in every major city across Canada, as well as in growing pockets around the world – including Australia, the UK, the US, and Japan.

Why is Bunz now PalZ?

“Most of us didn’t have much money, and none of us had the means to create apps, or profit off of our relationships with one another.” So, in an effort to reclaim their communities, Bunz administrators are adopting the “Palz” name en masse.

Who owns Bunz?

Bunz was founded in the summer of 2013 by Emily Bitze as a secret Facebook group for trading things with her friends in Toronto. Today Bunz is a growing startup comprised of 20-something passionate and creative individuals, and remains headquartered in Toronto.

Where can I spend my BTZ?

BTZ could be redeemed for food, coffee, beer, clothing, and beauty services from Toronto retail partners like Cry Wolf Clothing, Drake General Store, The Fifth Pubhouse, and Halo Brewery.

How do I spend my BTZ?

You can use BTZ when making offers on Bunz for items and services where you may have offered transit tokens or gift cards in the past!

Is barter taxable in Australia?

Tax treatment of barter transactions Barter transactions are assessable and deductible for income tax purposes to the same extent as other cash or credit transactions. When an entity that is a member of a trade exchange makes a taxable sale to another member, there is a liability for tax, including GST.

What is PalZ?

PalZ (formerly Paläontologische Zeitschrift) is an international, peer-reviewed periodical focused on palaeontology and published by the palaeontological society of Germany (Paläontologische Gesellschaft). From 2009 on the periodical is printed and distributed by the Axel Springer AG.

What does Bunz stand for?


Acronym Definition
BUNZ Schlotzsky’s Delie (stock symbol)

Who created Bunz?