How to fill oil in ZF 6HP26 transmission?

ZF 6HP26 / 6HP28 Automatic Transmission – Spare Parts Catalog 6HP26 / 6HP28 General Transmission Oil Filling Procedure – Car must stand level on the _hoist. – The driven wheels or the _transmission output must be _at a standstill for at least two _minutes before checking the _oil level. Apply the handbrake.

What’s the difference between 09E and ZF 6HP26?

The transmission differs in the increased reliability and durability. She is capable to work together with engines at which torque makes 750 nanometers. As well as at the majority of models of automatic transmissions the weaknesses place of 09E ( ZF 6Hp26) is the torque converter.

When was the first ZF 6 speed transmission made?

MK/MKTA/sk 4 APRA_Birmingham, November 2009 ZF confidential Product History of the ZF 6-speed Automatic TransmissionAutomatic Transmission 1999IAAin Frankfurt: First Prototype of a fullyIAA in Frankfurt: First Prototype of a fully-automatic sixautomatic six-speed transmissionspeed transmission 2001

What kind of clutch does a ZF 6HP26 use?

The free wheel clutch used in the 6HP26 transmission is of the sprag type and comprises an inner and outer race and a sprag and cage assembly. The inner and outer races are pressed into their related components with which they rotate.

Is the Nizpro ZF 6HP26 a turbo transmission?

Through necessity, in the last 10 years Nizpro have become heavily involved in transmission upgrades for the ZF 6HP26. The ZF6HP26 is commonly used in Australia’s Ford Falcon Turbo and V8 models.

How much does a ZF 6HP26 / 6HP28 weigh?

ZF 6HP26 / 6HP28 Automatic Transmission – Spare Parts Catalog Technical Information Torque, Gear Ratio & Weight Input Torque 1 Gear 2 Gear 3 Gear 4 Gear 5 Gear 6 Gear Rev Gear Drive Weight (incl. oil) 326 ftlbs to 444 ftlbs (model specific) 4.17 2.34 1.52 1.14 0.87 0.69 3.40 RWD ~196 lbs. Oil Capacity

Is the ZF XP1 series transmission remanufactured?

Be careful when purchasing a rebuilt ZF 6HP26, our XP1 series is completely remanufactured from the ground up utilizing upgraded parts that address each individual failure point of the 6HP26. OEM replacement was specifically designed for performance, reliability and to last the life of your vehicle.