How tall are the radio towers in Portland Oregon?

620 feet 189 meters
Towers: Oregon: Kgon

Site: KGON
AGL – Above Ground Level (Tower Height): 620 feet 189 meters
Location: 4700 SW Council Crest Dr, Portland, OR 97239
County: Multnomah
Type: SS

What are the red and white towers in Portland?

This is a picture of the Stonehenge Tower, in Portland, built in 1990.

Is it bad to live near a radio tower?

Studies have been conducted in the lab on animals. Many researchers extrapolate from that research alone, that constant low-frequency radiation in a residential neighborhood is safe for its residents. Luckily, according to Foster, low frequency non-ionizing radiation from radio towers falls off quickly.

What happens if you touch AM radio tower?

There’s a big reason those enormous AM radio transmitter towers are surrounded in fences: touching them can be incredibly dangerous on account of the enormous amounts of power pushed through them.

How tall is Big Pink in Portland Oregon?

U.S. Bancorp/Height

For scale, the Wells Fargo Center is currently Portland’s tallest building at 546 feet, followed by the U.S. Bancorp Tower (AKA Big Pink) at 536 feet.

Is it safe to live in Portland Oregon?

Is Portland Oregon safe to visit? Yes, Portland remains a safe city for visitors. Portland’s rate of violent crime remains lower than the average for U.S. cities of a similar size.

Should you live near a cell tower?

If you live within a quarter mile of a cell phone antenna or tower, you may be at risk of serious harm to your health, according to a German study cited at, a site devoted to exposing hazards associated with electromagnetic frequencies from cell phone towers and other sources.

How far should you live from a radio tower?

Some manufacturers recommend that users and other nearby individuals maintain some minimum distance (e.g., 1 to 2 feet) from a vehicle-mounted antenna during transmission or mount the antenna in such a way as to provide maximum shielding for vehicle occupants.

Will music play from your body if you touch a radio tower?

FM uses much taller towers with antennas at the top. Those towers will be grounded for lightning protection. AM uses the actual tower as the antenna. Tower is likely grounded, the antenna at the top will shock you but no music.

Are AM radio waves harmful?

Korean scientists have found that regions near AM radio-broadcasting towers had 70 percent more leukemia deaths than those without. Korean scientists have found that regions near AM radio-broadcasting towers had 70 percent more leukemia deaths than those without. …

How many floors is Big Pink?

U.S. Bancorp/Floors

What is the Big Pink building in Portland?

US Bancorp Tower
US Bancorp Tower. This tower was designed by Modernist architect Pietro Belluschi, along with Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, as the headquarters for U.S. Bank. The building’s nickname “Big Pink” comes from Belluschi’s hand-picked building materials: pink Spanish granite and pink glazed plate glass.