How old was Pietro Mennea when he died?

He also lobbied for independent doping testing. Mennea died on 21 March 2013, in a Rome hospital from pancreatic cancer. He was sixty years old. On the day of his death, the Italian Railways announced that the new superfast train Frecciarossa ETR 1000, entering service in 2014, would carry his name.

When did Pietro Fittipaldi break both his legs?

In May 2018 Fittipaldi broke both legs in a crash during qualifying for the World Endurance Championship 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps race. Fittipaldi raced for Audi Sport Team WRT in the 2019 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters.

When did Pietro Mennea set the 200 m world record?

200 metres world record. In 1979, Mennea placed first in the 100 metres and second in the 200 m behind Allan Wells of Great Britain in the European Cup. Later in the year, aged 27, he took part in the World University Games, which were held on the high-altitude track of Mexico City.

When did Pietro Fittipaldi take part in young driver test?

In April 2019 Fittipaldi took part in the 2019 Bahrain Young Driver Test, before then making an appearance at the mid-season test at Catalunya .

Where did Pietro Mennea finish in the Olympics?

After some poor performances in the 1976 Olympic season, Mennea decided to skip the Olympics, but when the Italian public protested Mennea went to Montreal. He finished fourth in the 200 m and sixth in the 4 × 100 m relay. In 1977, he finished second in the world cup 200, where a photo finish separated him from Clancy Edwards of the United States.

When did Pietro Mennea use human growth hormone?

Mennea admitted that he had used human growth hormone once during the last year of his career. In an interview to an Italian newspaper in 1987 he told that in 1984, during the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, an American physiotherapist proposed a doping treatment to him.