How much is weekly Navigo pass?

How much does it cost?

Zones Navigo Weekly Navigo Monthly
Zones Toutes zones Navigo Weekly 22,80€ Navigo Monthly 75,20€
Zones 2 à 3 Navigo Weekly 20,85€ Navigo Monthly 68,60€
Zones 3 à 4 Navigo Weekly 20,20€ Navigo Monthly 66,80€
Zones 4 à 5 Navigo Weekly 19,85€ Navigo Monthly 65,20€

Can I use Navigo for RER?

With your Navigo pass, you may travel on every Metro line, all RER (Regional Express Network) and Transilien train lines, all bus lines (except Orlybus and Roissybus) and all Tram lines in the Paris region, as well as the Montmartre Funicular.

Does navigo work on transilien?

To get your Navigo Découverte card, you can either go to an SNCF Transilien, OPTILE, or RATP sales office, or to one of the “comptoir-club” offices in Paris or in the Paris region, where you can get it right away.

How do I top up my navigo?

You can top up your ticket: From local shops equipped with a Navigo recharging terminal; From the “Manage my card” online section. On your phone using the Vianavigo app. You can buy and store your Navigo Monthly ticket on your phone using the Vianavigo application (“all zones” only, Zones 1 to 5).

Is navigo valid on Ter?

Yes you can. All these three tickets can be used on all trains within the Ile-de-France region, including TER and Intercités.

How much is a Passe Navigo in Paris?

The Passe Navigo costs 5€ and is non-refundable. You’ll need a photo to obtain the pass. The Weekly Passe Navigo is valid from Monday at 12 am to Sunday 11:59 pm. The Monthly Passe Navigo is valid from the first day of the month until the last day of the month.

What do you need to know about the Navigo Decouverte card?

What is the Navigo Découverte card? The Navigo Découverte travel card includes a case, an ID card, and a chip card onto which you can load your Navigo Day Pass (Navigo Jour), your Navigo Week Pass (Navigo Semaine) or Navigo Month Pass (Navigo Mois), which gives you unlimited travel in the zones you choose.

How often can you use a Navigo day pass?

One can buy Navigo Day Pass any day of the week and use Navigo Day Pass immediately until 23:59 that same day (or until end of Night Bus service if you’re using night buses, ending around 04:30 in the morning). You cannot have more than two days of Navigo Day Passes on your Navigo card at any one time.

How many zones can you travel with Navigo?

You have two options: either you pick the “all-zones” Navigo monthly pass, which allows you to travel everywhere, or you choose 2 zones out of 5 for your trips. In this case, please note that, on weekends, on public holidays and on school holidays 2, you will be allowed to travel in all 5 zones with your pass.