How much is a WEN 3500 generator?

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This item WEN 56352, 3000 Running Watts/3500 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator
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Is a WEN generator a good generator?

It is a really solid generator manufactured by the industry leader. You can put a lot of trust in it knowing that it will run flawlessly whenever you need it. Even though it is really expensive, I personally think it is a good long term investment. WEN 56200i is a fantastic alternative to expensive inverter generators.

Who makes the WEN generator?

The reason that I purchased the WEN is that the engine is a Yamaha clone, it’s very similar inside, and the wiring diagrams are virtually the same so that I believe I can parallel the two generators. It’s made in China, but the Yamaha has a label inside that it’s made in China also.

What does P25 mean on a generator?

Page 15 — English. When a cumulative run time of 25 hours has been reached, P25 will display on the meter as a reminder to change the. engine lubricant after the initial 25 hours of run time.

Are WEN generators as good as Honda?

With a gasoline consumption at 25% load of 0.11 GPH (gallon per hour), the WEN 56225i is more fuel efficient than the Honda EU2200i and its 0.12 GPH. Inverter generators like these 2 are of the most fuel efficient (and quiet) type.

Can a 3500 watt generator run a house?

These have high starting power requirements (over 2,000 watts each), so you can probably only run one or the other on a 3,500-watt generator. So, 3,500 watts is perfect for home use if you only need to run relatively small appliances around your kitchen.

What appliances will a 3000-watt generator run?

A 3000-watt inverter generators can power a range of devices from air conditioners, microwaves, hot water heaters to small power tools – items commonly used around the home, at trade sites, camping, caravanning, and with this size, as a power backup.

Which is better WEN or Generac?

With a gasoline consumption at 25% load of 0.11 GPH (gallon per hour), the WEN 56200i is more fuel efficient than the Generac iQ2000 and its 0.14 GPH. Inverter generators like these 2 are of the most fuel efficient (and quiet) type.

How long will a WEN generator last?

Lightweight Design

Surge Wattage 2000W 2350W
Quarter-Load Runtime 9.4 Hours 10.5 Hours
Fuel Tank Size 1 Gallon 1 Gallon
Engine Displacement 79.7cc 79cc
Volume Level (22 Feet) 51 dBA 51 dBA

What does the Wen 3500 watt generator do?

The WEN 3500 Watt Generator includes a spark arrestor; a necessary addition for anyone wanting to use their generator at a national park or forest. The automatic voltage regulator helps create clean power to protect your electronics.

How many horsepower does a Wen PowerPro 3500 have?

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Fits: Wen PowerPro Power Gas Engine 2200, 3250, 3500, 4050 Watts. 5.5HP, 6.5HP, 7HP.

What are the parts of a Wen generator?

Voltage Regulator for WEN 56352 Part Number: P54342 Compatible with the following Model: WEN 56352 3500 Watt Generator WEN 56352-CA 3500 Recoil Starter for WEN 56200i Part Number: 56200-1201 Compatible with the following Model: WEN 56200i 2000 Watt In…

How many Watts Does a 3500 surge generator produce?

MODEL 3500 6.5 HP Generator FEATURES • 3500 Surge Watt Output • 3000 Rated Watt Output • Powerful Enough to Run Essential Appliances During Power Outages • 120 and 240 VoltAC Outputs