How much is a Trek Navigator worth?

Bicycle Condition Private-Party Value Trade-In Value
Excellent $75 $54
Very Good $65 $45
Good $57 $39
Fair $47 $28

What kind of bike is a Trek Navigator?

This particular model of bike, the Trek Navigator 2.0, is a hybrid between a street bike and a cross-country bike. We haven’t been doing much off-road riding, since we have had Nick’s 8 year old son living with us all summer, but it’s nice to not feel restricted to where we can ride, if we wanted to.

Does trek still make the Navigator?

The Navigator bike series by Trek Bicycle Company has been around for years. Currently, there are several bike models, which include the Navigator 2.0, Navigator 300, Navigator 400, and Navigator 500.

Is Trek better than Scott?

Both bikes work so well that you forget about the bike while you are riding and just focus on the trail. The Scott has better components and is more “Enduro” oriented, whereas the Trek is more “Trail” oriented. If it was me, I’d probably go with the Scott just for the value factor, and I like long, chunky decents.

Is the Trek Navigator a mountain or road bike?

The Trek Navigator is neither a mountain bike nor road bike. It is a Hybrid bike, which isalso known as a comfortable bike! It is equipped with Alpha White Aluminum frame, which is lightweight and durable as well. This bike also comes with smooth-rolling tires for better comfort, stability, and control.

What kind of bike is the trek 4700?

(Reported by Ian Keasley.) The 4700 is a UK/European model, not sold in the US. The only one reported (by Phil Denham) is a 92 model. However, the 4700 was made in other years as well. 92, black front white rear with white decals, also blue front white rear with white decals.

What kind of bike is the trek 91?

91, white with blue decals on silver and green, also sapphire blue with yellow decals on white and silver. (NOTE: on some bikes the “yellow” decals are bright green.) 01, rainforest (green), also graphite/bright silver fade, also pearl white/red fade.