How much is a private stock PRS?

Private stocks are in the 10k USD range and artist guitars are less than half that. As others have said, you’re better off ordering an artist or modifying a gloss neck custom 24.

Why is PRS Private Stock so expensive?

PRS Private Stock Anything in PRS’s Private Stock or any other limited edition guitars that they have made are very expensive due to the artistry, luthier work, and limited availability.

What is PRS Singlecut?

From the outset, the PRS Singlecut was a controversial guitar. Introduced in January 2000, it was the first PRS single-cutaway model, and it was clearly inspired by the Gibson Les Paul. With a less bulky body thickness, vibrato and standard twin control set-up it made much more sense as a PRS guitar.

Can you buy directly from PRS?

PRS is a guitar and amplifier manufacturer, we do not sell products directly to the retail market. Any information regarding current pricing and availability of our instruments or amps, including custom-built Private Stock instruments, can be obtained from an authorized ​PRS dealer​ or ​International Distributor​.

Do PRS guitars hold value?

They tend to hold their value pretty well, but you will have a much smaller target market. Standard Strats/LPs are usually the upper echelon of the accessible used market, and anything above them really requires exposure to sell properly.

How much is a PRS custom?

PRS Price List & Information

PRS MODEL Description PRS List Basic Model No Options
Custom 22 12 String Glued In Neck
CE Alder Bolt-on neck 22 or 24 fret Base $2,700.00
CE Maple Top Bolt-on neck 22 or 24 fret Base $3,060.00
Swamp Ash Special Bolt On neck 22 Fret Base $3,100.00

Is PRS worth the money?

As for the PRS, if you can comfortably afford it, and it is what you really want, then yes the price is worth it. They hold their value really well, especially the higher end ones with the select wood choices.

Do PRS Guitars hold value?

Is PRS better than Gibson?

The Verdict: Are PRS better than Gibson electric guitars? The short answer is no. PRS SE Custom 24 guitars cannot outperform any of the Gibson Les Paul models. Gibson is probably one of the most famous guitar manufacturers that has been producing guitars for over a century.

Can a PRS sound like a Les Paul?

A PRS that is made similar will sound close, but is way to easy to play to be mistaken for a Les Paul (especially at time of sale).

Are there fake PRS guitars?

Much of what I saw on this fake PRS can apply to any fake branded guitar (which are usually Gibsons and Rickenbackers). It’s a safe bet that if you’re in doubt, it’s probably a fake. PRS has to my knowledge always hand written their serial numbers on the back of their headstocks, and this is clearly just printed.

Are PRS guitars a good investment?

This was the catalyst that caused the whole investment guitar craze. Good PRS Investments Any 1985, 1986 or 1987 PRS that you bought back then. It’s too late now, the prices have escalated and that makes them a bad investment. Plus they don’t cost much more than $2,500.00 which makes it a good investment.