How much does a Yamaha jet boat cost?

$249.99. This high performance towable is a wild ride for up to 3 thrill-seekers!

How much is a new jet boat?

The average price of a new jet boat is between $21,000 and $66,000. A used model cost starts from $6,000 averagely. The runabout’s brand, size, hull, interior influence the vessels’ exact value.

Does Yamaha make jet boats?

Yamaha Jet Boats Are Assembled in USA Yamaha Boats are proudly assembled in Vonore, Tennessee at one of the most technologically advanced facilities in the world. They use the highest quality manufacturing processes available for a fit and finish that’s unmatched in the industry.

How much does a Yamaha jet boat weight?

3,228 LBS
AR210 Full Specifications

Length 21′ 3″
Weight 3,228 LBS
Beam 8’6″
Draft 19″
Dead Rise 20°

Are Yamaha jet boats good in salt water?

Jet boats can work in saltwater, but it comes with drawbacks. For one, they are not equipped with the right gear to handle saltwater, so you may experience slower speeds or more resistance in steering. In addition, without proper maintenance after a saltwater trip, they may see long-term damage.

Can Yamaha jet boats go in the ocean?

Yamaha’s jet-drive bowriders aren’t known as ocean boats. You tend to see them on lakes, pulling tubers and anchored at party coves. That’s not dangerous, but it might be enough to make you decide not to go fishing, based on the dearth of other boats.

Does anyone still make a jet boat?

Jet boats, in today’s boating world, are no longer considered the oversized personal watercraft (PWC) or an undersized bowrider. They’re full-size family runabouts with the same bounty of features and amenities found in today’s sterndrives.

How long do Yamaha jet engines last?

They pride themselves on performance and durability in every market they are a part of. The reliability of Yamaha’s motors will vary depending on which motor you choose. Because they offer both inboard and outboard, they could have a lifespan that ranges from 1,500 to over 3,000 hours.

Is the Yamaha AR210 a good boat?

Yamaha AR210: Twin-engine jet boat should appeal to watersports-loving families. The boat delivers a strong pull in deep-water starts, ample wakes at boarding speeds and smaller crests at slalom-ski speeds. Plus, it’s pretty well loaded with features.

Is salt water bad for jet boats?

Saltwater is not good for jet boats (jet skis, boats, and PWCs as well) because it damages the boat’s metal parts by forming rust on the surface of the metal. Saltwater corrodes the metal 5 times faster than freshwater. So, proper maintenance is essential for a jet boat if you are boating in saltwater.

Where can I buy a Yamaha jet boat?

Yamaha Boats are proudly assembled in Vonore, TN at one of the most technologically advanced facilities in the world.

Which is the best brand for jet boats?

MarineMax is proud to offer Yamaha Jet Boats. Our team has the experience and expertise to guide you into the perfect Yamaha for your life on the water.

What kind of ballast does a Yamaha jet boat use?

Surf all day with ease using Yamaha’s new integrated WakeBoosters® that can deploy on either side of the boat in seconds with the simple push of a button. Triple ballast system in the new 255 series offers 1600lbs of weight to create the cleanest, most surfable wake in the jet boat category.

Are there any new Yamaha boats coming out?

2021 marks our largest new product introduction ever with 14 new boat models, including a new 25-foot platform, new wake boats, more boats with DRiVE technology, new 25-foot FSH models, and much more.