How much does a roustabout make an hour?

An entry-level Roustabout with less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of AU$25.60 based on 5 salaries. An early career Roustabout with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of AU$28.88 based on 7 salaries.

Are roustabouts in demand?

The Airswift recruiting company indicates that roustabouts on oil rigs are in demand to clean tools, equipment, including drills and pumps and machinery and keep work areas clean and orderly. Roustabouts must be strong, physically fit and outdoorsy to work in all weather conditions, UCAS stresses.

What is the work of a roustabout?

Oil roustabout refers to a worker who maintains all things in the oil field. Roustabout is an official classification of natural gas and oil rig personnel. Roustabouts will set up oil well heads, maintain saltwater disposal pumps, lease roads, lease mowing, create dikes around tank batteries on a lease, etc.

Do roustabout get promoted?

Even a Roustabout salary is quite high. After 6 months of good work in a roustabout job, many workers are promoted to Roughneck and can expect to make about $60,000 per year. After 5 years, consistently hard workers are promoted to Driller and can earn well over $100,000.

How do I become a roustabout with no experience?

The primary qualifications for becoming a roustabout with no experience are a high school diploma and physical fitness. Some schools offer roustabout-focused training programs, and attending these can help you secure this entry-level role.

What is a roustabout salary?

The average salary for a roustabout is $16.60 per hour in the United States and $6,375 overtime per year.

How much do Roughnecks make?

The salaries of Roughneck Offshore Drilling Rigs in the US range from $34,836 to $50,156 , with a median salary of $39,589 . The middle 57% of Roughneck Offshore Drilling Rigs makes between $39,620 and $43,075, with the top 86% making $50,156.

How do I become a roustabout?

Being a Roustabout may require a high school diploma or its equivalent. Typically reports to a supervisor or manager. The Roustabout may require 0-1 year of general work experience. Possesses a moderate understanding of general aspects of the job.

How much an hour do oil rig workers make?

Oil Rig Worker Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $130,000 $62
75th Percentile $90,000 $43
Average $75,511 $36
25th Percentile $32,000 $15