How much does a psychotherapist earn in Ireland?

Frequently asked questions about a Psychotherapist salaries The highest salary for a Psychotherapist in Ireland is €62,117 per year. The lowest salary for a Psychotherapist in Ireland is €22,537 per year.

Is there a demand for psychotherapist?

Psychotherapist Salary & Job Outlook Psychotherapist salaries range with their specific role. Demand for all these roles is growing at a rate much faster than average. Psychiatry careers are rising at a rate of 15 percent, while the rate is 19 percent for psychology and 12 percent for social work.

How do I become a psychotherapist in Ireland?

To qualify as a counsellor or psychotherapist takes at least seven years, with additional time required for accreditation by a governing body. The usual route is a three-year university degree followed by a masters degree, followed by a doctorate degree.

How much does a psychotherapist earn?

Starting salaries for full-time qualified psychotherapists are from around £17,000 (around £20,000 in the NHS). With experience, psychotherapists may earn up to around £60,000 a year, and up to £95,000 in the NHS in the most senior positions.

Can you make a living as a Counsellor?

With experience, there is scope for self-employment in private practice and freelance work. Many counsellors have a portfolio career combining part-time, voluntary and private work. You’ll need a good support framework as the work can be emotionally demanding.

Do psychotherapists make good money UK?

Qualified NHS psychotherapists typically earn £38,890 to £44,503 (Band 7). Salaries for principal psychotherapists can rise to between £45,753 and £62,001 (Bands 8a and 8b). Salaries for consultant psychotherapists can be higher.

Is there a psychoanalytic clinic in Dublin Ireland?

Psychotherapy Dublin is a psychoanalytically orientated clinic offering treatment to individuals presenting with a myriad of difficulties. Our vision is to make psychoanalytic treatment more widely accessed by the public and to bring that discourse to the fore.

Where can I get free counselling in Dublin?

Free Employee Assistance Programme – counselling and support for you and your family members – The Merrion, one Dublins finest luxury hotels and one of the Leading Hotels of the World Employee Assistance Programme run by the HSE offers free counselling on personal, family, work and money matters.

How to apply for a psychoanalysis job in Ireland?

Candidates are expected to hold a Master’s level training in psychoanalysis combined with sustained clinical experience. Interested candidates are advised to email expressions of interest outlining their relation to the relevant criteria to [email protected]. Submissions will only be accepted via email.

What kind of job does Cork counselling services offer?

Cork Counselling Services is a highly professional not-for-profit mental health organisation providing counselling in the community regardless of ability to pay… More… Third level qualification in social care, psychology, psychotherapy, community care, nursing or relevant qualification or considerable experience.