How much does a CZ 1012 cost?

Although there are a few inertia semi-auto shotguns that cost around $600, CZ brings to the marketplace name recognition, reliability, a national dealer network and its renowned value proposition as evident with a starting price of $518.00 for the CZ 1012.

Does CZ make a 10 gauge shotgun?

CZ 712 Target G2 Built on the proven 712 action but features a 30 inch barrel with a 10mm stepped rib designed to pattern high for rising trap targets.

Are CZ pump shotguns any good?

The reliable performance of the budget-priced CZ USA 612 pump-action shotguns didn’t escape the notice of firearm enthusiasts in 2020. The firearm was among last year’s top sellers. CZ USA 612 Field and Target models are chambered for 3″ 12-gauge shotshells. Both magnum models can run 3 1/2″ shells, again in 12 gauge.

Is CZ Drake a good shotgun?

CZ’s Drake is definitely one worth a look. CZ also stands behind its guns and has a service center in Kansas City. The price of Turkish labor being what it is, CZ is able to sell their guns at very attractive prices. I can’t vouch for their pumps and semiautos, but their O/Us and doubles are good.

Is the CZ 1012 any good?

CZ’s 1012 is a remarkable value, and the design and ergonomics are very good. Any shooter looking for a versatile field gun that will also double as a clay crusher should take a hard look at the 1012.

Are CZ shotguns gas or inertia?

The latest evolution in our semi-automatic shotgun line, the 1012 uses a gas-less inertia operating system.

Why did CZ discontinue the Rami?

A lighter version with a polymer frame was available in both calibers. Sadly, the Rami was gradually phased out, with the plastic option being discontinued in 2011. This was to make way for the new CZ P-10 S and M series of sub-compact pistols with their striker-fire, trigger safeties, and polymer frames.

What is a 612 shotgun?

The 612 Home Defense is a no-nonsense 12 gauge fitted with an 18 1/2-inch cylinder-bore barrel and black synthetic stock. Compare its components, construction and application-specific features to any other ‘home defense’ shotgun and you’ll find more quality, craftsmanship and performance in the 612.

How many shells does a CZ 612 hold?

The magazine tube will hold up to five 12-gauge, 3″ shotshells − overall capacity tops six rounds, if an additional shell is loaded in chamber; a longer, 26-inch barrel with ventilated rib can be purchased as an aftermarket replacement and easily installed on the CZ-612 HD by the shooter himself/herself so to turn the …

Can a CZ Drake shoot slugs?

The Drake should be able to shoot slugs with the correct choke tube, it will work for hunting, and the clay games. With the 28 inch barrel it tips the scale at 7 pounds 4 ounces, but with CZ numbers are always on the light side, and it probably weighs in at 7 1/2 to 7 3/4 pounds.

How much is a Drake gun?

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PRICE $599.99
Stock Walnut
Choke C & IC & M & IM & F
Weight 7.4 lbs
Action Over Under

What kind of gauge is the CZ 712 G2?

Chambered in 20 or 28 gauge, the Field Select has hand-picked Turkish Walnut and a glossy blue finish. The CZ 712 G2 is a gas-operated semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun built on a light weight alloy receiver.

What kind of shotgun is the CZ 1012?

Shotguns. 1 CZ 1012. Our inertia semi-auto shotgun, the 1012 is a minimal maintenance workhorse! 2 CZ 1012 Synthetic. 3 CZ 1012 Synthetic Bottomland. 4 CZ 612 Field. 5 CZ 612 Magnum Turkey.

How much is a CZ BREN 2 ms pistol worth?

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