How much are ITP tires?

Ratings –

ITP Bajacross (1) FROM: $172.13 ITP Terracross RT (7) FROM: $127.89 ITP Mayhem Tires (8) FROM: $104.84
ITP Mega Mayhem (46) FROM: $129.80 ITP Turf Tamer FROM: $89.65 ITP UltraCross (2) FROM: $100.06
ITP Cryptid FROM: $197.10 ITP Bajacross Sport FROM: $136.68

Are Mega Mayhem tires good?

Good tough tire with big lugs for the mud. They do great in dirt and mud, decent on rocks, and lousy in sand, as expected. They are wearing pretty well so far on a Polaris Ranger Crew, a very heavy machine. Dropped one star for a few of the leading edges of the lugs cut off from driving on sharp rocks.

How much does a 28 inch mega mayhem weight?

ITP Mayhem

Tire Size Part Number Weight
28″ MEGA
28-9-12 6P0051 31 lbs
28-11-12 6P0043 33 lbs
28″ – 14″ MEGA

Are ITP tires good?

The ITP tires are a perfect trail and mud combination. They look great, plow through the mud, and will pull your quad through nearly anything. They have excellent grip without losing traction and are great in heavy, wet snow. These good-looking tires have a nice, deep tread and provide great traction.

Who owns ITP?

The Carlstar Group
The Carlstar Group is a global leader and manufacturer of original equipment and aftermarket specialty tires and wheels. The European subsidiary company is headquartered in Budapest, the capital of Hungary with a 4000m2 warehouse in Páty in close cooperation.

Are ITP tires Made in USA?

ITP Tires & Wheels. ITP’s Terra Hook tire is a high performance, all-terrain tire that is available in nine sizes. The 8 ply radial tire is proudly made in the USA.

Who makes Mega Mayhem tires?

ITP Mega
ITP Mega Mayhem Tire Reviews.

How much do Mega Mayhem tires weigh?

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎ITP
Brand ‎ITP
Model ‎Mega Mayhem
Item Weight ‎26 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎27 x 27 x 8.4 inches

How much do ITP cryptids weigh?

Compare with similar items

This item ITP 6P0351 Black 30 x 9-14 Cryptid Tire SuperATV Terminator Mud Tire – RZR, X3, General, Maverick, Ranger, Rock & All Terrain UTV – (29.5×10-14)
Item Dimensions 30 x 9 x 14 inches 30 x 10 x 30 inches
Item Weight 41.00 lbs 46.00 lbs
Rim Size 14.00 inches 14.00 inches
Size 30 x 9-14 29.5×10-14

How much do outlaw 3s weigh?

High Lifter’s newest breed of mud tire, the Outlaw 3, is designed to get through the toughest mud holes imaginable. The Outlaw 3 can run larger wheels and has High Lifter’s well known Outlaw look plus durability….Description.

Tire Size Tire Weight (lbs)
44×9.5×24 92.6

What is the toughest ATV tire?

Probably the most popular tire for both OEM applications and as an aftermarket replacement, the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires are a truly great all-terrain tire. They ride smooth and are extremely durable thanks to Maxxis’ rubber compounds and six-ply construction.

What ply tire is best for ATV?

Generally speaking: the more plies or the higher Ply rating in the construction of a tire, the higher resistance to tear and puncture the tire has. But number of plies also increases weight of a tire and roughness of the ride. Most commonly used ATV tires are 4-ply tires.