How many wagons are in a BOXN?

These wagons number about 731 as of 2006. Some variants 23.5t. Payload (RDSO spec.) BOXN-HS BOXNHS wagons are converted BOXN wagons fitted with CASNUB HS high-speed bogies raising the max.

What is the length of BOXN wagon?

Product Description

Description of Wagon BOXN/BOXNHS :(Open-top Wagon)
Length (H.S. – H.S.) 9784 mm
Height (From – R.L.) 3233 mm
Width 3200 mm
Bogie Centre 6524 mm

How many wagons are there in a standard BCN rake?

41 wagons
In case of Mixed Rake of covered wagons, the standard rake size will be 41 wagons and the minimum number of wagons required to be loaded for availing trainload benefit will be 38 wagons. Accordingly, the modified Annexure-II (composition of Block Rakes) to Rates circular No. 25 of 2007 is annexed herewith.

What is BOXN?

Abbreviations used for wagon type code An ‘N’ suffix is for ‘pneumatic’, or air-braked wagons. E.g., BOXN for air-braked BOX wagons, not BOXCN. Almost all the older stock is vacuum-braked.

What is BLC rake?

In the new BLC type wagons, the increased length (new rakes have 45 BLCs per train) results in an increased payload per train. These wagons are also equipped with superior characteristics such as automatic twist locks, low beds through reduced wheel diameter, slack-less draw bars etc.

How many wagons are formed in BTPN?

Standard Rake size of BTPN from 49 to 50 wagons – Exception list of sidings unfit to handle 50 BTPN wagons.

What is mini rake?

To facilitate rail users paying lesser freight (trainload rate) for a composition of 20 wagons (covered stock), the mini rake scheme has been reintroduced for short traffic up to September 30, 2005. This scheme has been made applicable for a distance of 400 km.

What is BLC wagon?

Container type wagon”BLC”(type A,type B), 8 –wheeler type on cast steel high speed bogies,with 840 mm tread diameter , 20.32 t tonne wheelsets,cartridge type taper roller bearings with adaptors and 2 stage automatic air brake system these wagons are suitable for transporting of all types of goods in containers (2 nos …

What is the full form of BLC?

BLC Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Bali Airport Code BLC
Branch and Loop Continuous Computer Assembly Language BLC
Bethany Lutheran College Educational Institute BLC
Big League Connection Sports BLC

What is Txr point in railway?

Rake shall be offered at the nearest TXR point, for safe-to-run examination and endorsement on BPC by TXR that train is safe to run upto its destination.

Is personally responsible for maintenance of railway track?

General Responsibility – (Advance Correction Slip No. 132 )The Permanent Way Inspector is generally responsible for: (1) Maintenance and inspection of track in a satisfactory and safe condition for traffic. (2) Efficient execution of all works incidental to track maintenance, including track relaying works.

What is rake type in train?

Rake is the set of coaches allotted for the train and the composition it gets. Scroll to Top. Important Note: This website NEVER solicits for Money or Donations.