How many viewers does MLB have?

An average of 8.237 million Americans watched the annual American League-National League matchup on FOX this year, compared to 8.162 million in 2019, the network said (the league cancelled the 2020 All-Star Game due to Covid-19). Viewership exceeded 8.3 million if data for Spanish-language FOX Deportes is included.

What are the TV ratings for MLB?

As of July 19, the saw a designated media area(DMA) TV household average for the league of 1,836,749 compared to the 60-game shortened 2020 season average of 1,804,540 — a +2% increase according to Nielsen NLSN -0.4% Media data provided by Home Team Sports, a division of Playfly that purchased the company from FOX …

What is the most watched MLB game?

The Field of Dreams game
DYERSVILLE, Iowa — The Field of Dreams game attracted more than 5.9 million viewers Thursday evening, making it Major League Baseball’s most-watched regular-season game in 16 years. The first-ever regular-season MLB game to be played in Iowa averaged 5,903,000 viewers across FOX and FOX Deportes.

How many people watched the 2021 MLB All-Star Game?

Fox Sports reported the overall viewership for the All-Star Game was up slightly to 8,311,000 from 8,162,000 a year ago. Top available markets from the 2021 MLB @AllStarGame on FOX include San Diego, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Denver and Cleveland.

Are MLB TV ratings up or down?

He analyzed television ratings from the first-half of the MLB season and found that while ratings are up 2 percent from last year’s 60-game shortened season, they’re still down 12 percent from the last full baseball season in 2019.

What is the most-watched regular season MLB game?

The Field of Dreams game between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox was the most-watched regular season MLB game in 16-years. Over 5.9 million viewers tuned into Fox to watch MLB’s inaugural Field of Dreams game played in Dyersville, Iowa right next to the filming site of the 1989 movie starring Kevin Costner.

Is MLB losing popularity?

Declining interest in baseball can be directly traced to a lack of action. Since 2015 — the last year the major leagues saw a minor increase in fans at ballparks — through 2019, attendance dropped 7.14%. That’s a loss of 5.2 million fans. * Baseball’s star power is dimming.

What were the ratings for the All Star Game 2021?

This year drew 6,358,000 viewers on ESPN and 767,000 viewers for a Statcast-themed alternate telecast on ESPN2. The rating is the percentage of television households tuned to a broadcast and the share is the percentage tuned to a telecast among those households with televisions on at the time.

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