How many times has USC beat Notre Dame?

The two teams have been competing against one another since 1926, the Fighting Irish leading the all-time-series with 49 wins and 36 losses. Notre Dame has won the last three contests against the Trojans which featured two away games and one home game for USC.

How many years has Notre Dame played USC?

Notre Dame leads the series on the field, 47–36–5. Although the game is played in Los Angeles in even numbered years, it is not part of Fox’s Pac-12 Conference football package….Notre Dame–USC football rivalry.

Trophy None (1926–1951) Jeweled Shillelagh (1952–present)
Meetings total 91
All-time series Notre Dame leads, 47–36–5 (.563)

What is USC biggest rival?

The UCLA–USC rivalry is the American collegiate athletics rivalry between the UCLA Bruins sports teams of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and USC Trojans teams of the University of Southern California (USC).

How many national championships does USC football have?

USC has won 17 national championships from NCAA-designated major selectors. USC claims 11 national titles, including 7 from the wire service AP Poll and/or Coaches’ Poll.

How many times has USC beat UCLA?

Victory Bell (UCLA–USC)

Meetings total 90
All-time series USC leads, 49–32–7 (.597)
Largest victory USC, 76–0 (1929)
Longest win streak UCLA, 8 (1991–1998)

Is UCLA or USC more prestigious?

According to US News and World Report, UCLA and USC rank 20th and 24th in their list of best national universities, respectively.

What is the most played rivalry in college football?

Lehigh–Lafayette rivalry
The Lehigh–Lafayette rivalry, known as “The Rivalry,” is the most-played in Division I at 155 games. Lehigh and Lafayette are members of the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). The most-played Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) series is the Minnesota–Wisconsin football rivalry, at 129 games.

What is the biggest rivalry in college football?

Top college football rivalries for 2021 | 1-5

  1. Alabama-Auburn (Iron Bowl) Two words — Kick Six.
  2. Oklahoma-Texas (Red River Showdown) The two teams in this rivalry have reportedly reached out to the SEC about possibly joining the conference in the future.
  3. Army-Navy.
  4. USC-Notre Dame.
  5. Ohio State-Michigan (The Game)

When was the last time Notre Dame beat USC?

Notre Dame – #1 undefeated Notre Dame beat #2 undefeated USC in the Coliseum en route to the national title in 1988. The Irish also spoiled Trojan title campaigns by giving them their first loss in the last game of the season in 1947 and 1952, as well as handing them a first loss in 1927, 1973 and 1995.

Is the Notre Dame USC game on Saturday Night Live?

In recent years, when the game is played in South Bend at night, Saturday Night Live is not broadcast later that night. The origin of the series is quite often recounted as a “conversation between wives” of Notre Dame head coach Knute Rockne and USC athletic director Gywnn Wilson.

When did Notre Dame last go undefeated in football?

Despite many close games, the series has seen dominant runs by both side: USC went 12–2–2 from 1967 through 1982, Notre Dame went undefeated (11–0–1) from 1983 through 1995, and USC went undefeated (8–0) from 2002 through 2009.

How many players have been drafted by USC and Notre Dame?

The rivals account for the highest numbers of players taken in the NFL Draft of any school; USC has had 502 players taken and Notre Dame has had 495. No rivalry in college football accounts for as many combined honors.