How many stations are there in Mangalore?

It is one of the 5 central railway stations of India….Mangalore Central railway station.

Mangalore Central
Owned by Indian Railways
Operated by Southern Railway zone
Platforms 4
Tracks 14

Which station code is Pcoi?

Prayagraj Chheoki railway station
Allahabad Chheoki Junction railway station

Prayagraj Chheoki railway station
Station code PCOI, formerly ACOI
Zone(s) North Central Railway zone
Division(s) Prayagraj
Electrified Yes

Which railway station is near to Triveni Sangam?

Major Railway Stations near Triveni Sangam Naini Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh Pragraj Sangam India

Station Train Frequency Distance
(ALD)ALLAHABAD JN 221 6.01 Kms
(BSB)VARANASI JN 248 111.86 Kms
(STA)SATNA 176 142.13 Kms

How many platforms does prayagraj junction have?

Prayagraj Junction railway station

Prayagraj Junction
Operated by North Central Railway zone
Line(s) Howrah–Delhi main line Howrah–Gaya–Delhi line Howrah–Allahabad–Mumbai line Allahabad–Jabalpur section Mughalsarai–Kanpur section Allahabad–Varanasi line Allahabad–Faizabad line
Platforms 10
Tracks 18

Is Matsyagandha train available today?

Apart from the above mentioned information, check Matsyagandha Exp – 12619 live running status on every station….12619 Running Status.

Lokmanyatilak T – Mookambika Road 778 km
Source 06:22
15:20 06:24
Cancelled Cancelled
– Source – 2min